In The Year 2020…

Yin gazes into his crystall ball and sees…

Yin: The Pakatan Harapan (PH) Government recently elected on the promise of Malaysia Baru came to an end when prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad led his party,  Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (BERSATU) out. Azmin Ali the Deputy President of PKR followed suit taking with him a substantial number of MPs and members.

A snap general election was called.

PAS and UMNO decided to join Mahathir in a new coalition. Azmin’s frogs joined PPBM in the three party new coalition of Conservative Malay Nationalists and Islamists; under the banner “Malaysia Tanah Melayu”.

On 10th July 2020 a new government took over from the short lived PH.

The Progressives could not convince the electorate to vote for them. The non-Malays were divided between those who were prepared to give them a second chance. Some felt that they had no choice as the alternative was unacceptable. But many felt betrayed by them when they were in government. They had expected a new Malaysia where racial discrimination would be a thing of the past, but they were let down.

The Progressive Liberal Malays in PKR could not convince enough Malays to support them. The argument of Islam and Malay solidarity against the ‘asings’ (foreigners) were too compelling – they had to recover their ‘maruah’ (dignity).

DAP now labelled MCA2 has lost all credibility with a large section of the non-Malay population.

Unlike the PH Government, which dithered on the promised racial parity and the implementation of affirmative action shorn of race or religion, or even simple promises like UEC* recognition and improving the education or toll-free roads, the new government implemented their promises of Ketuanan Melayu  (Malay Supremacy).

To be fair, PH was an ill-starred marriage of convenience between incompatible interests where the Conservatives  clashed with the Progressives. It was doomed from the beginning.

The new government wasted no time in keeping their promises. Malay ‘maruah’ could not wait another day to be restored.

Legislations were enacted that all heads of departments and directors of ministries must be Muslim Malays. This includes the police and the military. All Vice-Chancellors and Deans must be Malays. In fact there was little that needed to be done as these had always been the case. Only now it is enshrined in law.

Because there were no non-Malay party in the governing coalition every minister is Malay.

With the two thirds majority they now have, they declared the country an Islamic State. Sharia now take precedence over civil law. Wearing the full burkha is mandatory.

One wit observed that crows had invaded the country. The government failed to see the humour and the person was charged for defaming Islam.

The whole of the country is declared ‘dry’  just like our neighbour Brunei. Flouters were flogged publicly.

All restaurants must have a halal certificate.

Cinemas had separate male and female screenings so that there was no sitting together in the dark by couples.

Jakim was given more powers and the resources to go with them. Knocks on doors in the dead of night grew more frequent.

Schools (including private schools) had to have doa said at daily assemblies. And lessons could not begin until doa was said in class.

Public universities became exclusively for Malays. Undergraduates had to do a course in Islamic Civilisation in their first year and this includes private universities.

Malay became the sole medium of instruction in all educational institutions. All vernacular schools were banned.

The new government felt that multi-culturalism was a hindrance to national unity so they banned all non-Malay, non-Muslim cultures. What they failed to do in the ‘70s with the National Culture Act they did now.

Chinese and English was whited out of business signages. Thaipusam processions were not allowed and lion dance could only be performed at private functions.

Thousands applied for passports to travel – most seeking refuge elsewhere. A large number of these were Malays who felt they could not fit into the new country of Tanah Melayu.

I woke up, realising it was a bad dream . . . but then dreams sometimes come true.

Unless Malaysians wake up to the reality of what a government of the Right Wing Conservative/Islamic Coalition mean, we are in deep trouble.

This is not something that we can leave to the politicians.

DAP threw their Malaysian Malaysia vision overboard at the first whiff of power even if it meant sleeping with a racist.

PKR is wracked with rival factions.

Amanah is torn between Islam and the needs of a secular state.

Civil Society has to save itself because the politicians cannot.

(The views expressed are those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect the views of Rebuilding Malaysia.)


By Yin, 

Letters from Ward 5, Tanjong Rambutan



*UEC is the United Examination Certificate, which is a standardised test for Chinese independent high school students.

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