Is Hishammuddin Hussein on one of the kapal LCS?

The six kapal LCS would have formed part of the latest fleet in the navy’s defence project to protect our extensive shoreline against foreign invaders or pirates who can take over high value cargo on containers.

Who would have thought that the most deadly pirates that Malaysians need protection from are on land, in the form of the former Minister(s) of Defence, the main contractor for the LCS project, and the sub-contractors. Semua con men. Penipu dan lanun.

So, where is Hishammuddin Hussein, the former Minister of Defence?

We want him to answer for his failure to implement his last major project, the LCS ships. Where is he?

Has Hishammuddin sailed away and made a quick exit on the LCS ship….to southern Philippines perhaps? To join Jho Low in Shanghai? Or is he safe in a place where we will not think of looking….eg Kajang?

In 2017, Hishammuddin announced the arrival of the first of 6 LCS ships. He tweeted a photo of what he said was the LCS 1 Maharajalela and welcomed it into the naval fleet.

Penipu! Penipu! Penipu! This is typical of Umno-Baru senior politicians. Pandai nak con rakyat!

Before you think Bersatu or Perikatan Nasional (PN) or PAS are any better, think again.

Bersatu is just a clone of Umno-Baru. Bersatu should be known as Umno-Baru-Baru.

Five years after Hishammuddin Hussein (H2O) tweeted the incriminating photo, he said that “….errr….. no kapal…”

As the Minister of Defence, he should have been handcuffed, dressed in orange and dragged in front of the court of public opinion (bring to my front garden also can) and made to answer…”Mana pergi enam kaoal LCS? More importantly, mana pergi duit RM6 billion?”

So, where did the money go to. Ahli politik. Contractor buat kapal? Boustead Holdings? Boss Boustead? Or will they sell us a story that the money got makan by ikan yu?

Like you I am sick to death of these corrupt politicians who have no accountability, no clue about responsibility or transparency. Curi pandai. Kerja malas. Ampu bodek bijak sekali.

Hishammuddin Hussein, like his cousin, the convicted felon Najib Abdul Razak, may be sons of respected former prime ministers, but these sons have only brought SHAME and jatuh maruah not just to their families but also to their race, and their nation.

The RM9b LCS defence project for the Malaysian navy is a farce….a con job.

The money has gone, the ships were never built in the first place. Only bits of the ships were started but then the main contractor used the rakyat’s money to pay off its debts, so no more money to complete the bits of ship.

Ah longs appear to be more respectable. The Minister of Defence and the main contractor, Boustead are like the pirates on the high seas. We need the LCS to guard us against the pirates but it appears that the pirates are on land…and in the navy docks, and in Mindef.

You know what? Here’s something else to make your blood boil.

Yesterday, Boustead and Putrajaya agreed that Boustead Naval Shipyard (BNS) will deliver five LCS instead of six.


Why is Boustead allowed to IGNORE and NOT honour the terms of the original contract?

The total contract price has been revised to RM11.2 billion, up from RM9 billion previously. Lagi makan duit rakyat?

The government has already disbursed RM6 billion.

So, dear rakyat., are you happy about this?

Find Hishammuddin Hussein because he needs to be grilled and be punished for his shoddy handling of this navy project.

Throw both Hishammuddin and the boss of Boustead into Kajang, then throw away the keys and confiscate all their assets. It will not amount to RM6 billion but at least we may feel a tiny modicum of satisfaction.

How dare Hishammuddin claim kapal sudah siap and how dare Boustead run off with the rakyat’s money. They treat the rakyat ‘s money like their grandmother’s property.

(More to come on this mess, and a video to boot!)

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