Is the allegation about Zakir Naik being awarded three islands by Terengganu MB true?

Terengganu MB and Zakir Naik. Photo Credit FMT

If there is anyone from Terengganu reading this, please could you enlighten the rest of us**

Is this report in FMT  true?

One does not care so much about the Terengganu MB losing his Datuk-ship and whatever else he has lost – like maruah or his marbles…..but is the allegation true, that the MB simply “gave away” three islands to that controversial preacher, Zakir Naik???

Who is he to “donate” precious Terengganu land to (1)a foreigner (2) divisive figure and (3) a non-Terengganu person?

If the allegation about the MB’s “generous award” is true, he must be sacked, yes… sacked….lose his pension rights etc…..and be charged and jailed.

This is wrong.

According to the report, the islands will be used as an Islamic research centre? What does research centre mean? What does one imagine a controversial figure like Zakir Naik will  contemplate for his “research centre”.

Around the world, these controversial Islamic types, have been dividing people, preaching violence, violence against women and non-women. Do not expect me or anyone to imagine that Zakir Naik will not harm Islam’s image further.

By the way, how on earth did “The Chosen One” nominate Ahmad Rafiz Abdul Rahman, to be Terengganu MB?

Surely being a “Yes man” is not enough. What did The Chosen One learn at his English boarding school? Did they not teach him about responsibility, accountability, conflict of interest, transparency, meritocracy, respect and other values? What a waste of an education.

And around the same time as the new scandal about the Datuk-less MB hit Terengganu, and of course, on a completely unconnected incident, the room which used to store old files and  documents, were destroyed  in a fire, at the district police headquarters here in Kuala Terengganu.

Wonders never cease. Perhaps, the authorities in Terengganu will say the same thing the big bosses in KL said, a few years ago, when a fire broke out in the police headquarters in Bukit Aman in KL and the police said, no worries, only waste papers destroyed lah…not secret documents. Ya right!

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