Is the former Perak MB, Zambry Abdul Kadir, suffering from a persecution complex? Why did he go into hiding?

Zambry Abdul Kadir, the former MB of Perak is suffering from a guilty conscience. Either that or he is suffering from a persecution complex because he claims that Pakatan Harapan (PH) is targeting him because of PH’s  failure to fulfil its promises and manifesto.

Actually, Zambry, you are wrong. You were the man in charge of the state before PH took over and now PH has to clean up your mess. The public has every right to know.

The Perak public have a right to know about their money

Perak Corporation Berhad audit committee chairman Chong Zhemin has asked Zambry to explain the RM217 million increase for the construction and development of the Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS).

Why has Zambry not done so?

Ever since Chong made this revelation, Zambry said nothing for three days. He was probably trying to see which spin to give Chong and the Perak public.

Instead of Zambry responding, it was the state Opposition leader, Saarani Mohamad, who said that Zambry need not have to answer the questions, but the Perak Corporation Berhad (PCB)’s board members and account committee should be responsible.


Did Saarani expect us to be happy with that daft response? If like that, the buck will be passed and kicked down the line, until it reaches the door of the MAPS janitor who will then be made responsible for the multi-million ringgit increase.

Zambry approved payment

Only in Umno-Baru do we have a Mentri Besar, who is not responsible for his actions. It is typical Umno-Baru behaviour, just like that of his former boss, the disgraced former PM, Najib Abdul Razak. Under Umno-Baru, things and people went missing, like jet engines, pastors, a convert child and billions and billions of ringgits, but incredibly no one saw anything, heard anything or know anything at all. 

As Zambry was once the chairman of the PCB, then he should be fully responsible for the increase in the cost of constructing and developing MAPS. The cost ballooned from RM390 million to RM607 million.
Today, he claims that it has nothing to do with him.

PCB, is a  Perak State Development Corporation (PKNP) subsidiary, and it owns the PBC Development Berhad (PCBD), which holds a 51 per cent share in the Animation Theme Park Sdn Bhd (ATP). The balance 49 per cent share belongs to RSG MAPS Sdn Bhd (RSGM).

Zambry had approved an advance payment of RM250 million by PCBD to the main contractor of the project, despite knowing that the contractor had financial problems.

Chong has also accused Zambry of allowing PCB to become the only company funding the project despite owning only 51 per cent of shares in ATP.

Sinar Harian reported that Saarani said Zambry did not need to answer the questions raised by Chong as the exposure on MAPS was made for cheap publicity and was politicised.

Saarani claimed that Chong was evil to issue a press statement on the matter before getting a full audit from PwC that has been assigned as the official audit firm for MAPS.

Zambry’s silence

Chong will continue to ask questions till the date of the Perak state assembly on 16 April and said,“We are not politicising this issue. We expose the matter after our internal audit report as the public has all the right to know about it. MAPS stakeholders are also happy with this transparency. 

“We did not conclude that there is misconduct or fraudulent acts in the project. We just raised some questions as there are a lot of questionable decisions and lopsided agreements.”

So, Zambry, why are you keeping quiet?

The Perak public have a right to know. It is not just MAPS which you messed up. You were a public official and you should be responsible for your actions. The rural people should be informed.






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