Is #undirosak, the movement which doesn’t care?

Have a look at the video below and try to figure out what #undirosak (Spoilt votes) is all about.

What is the motive behind the #undirosak campaign?

The talk, “Spoiling GE14”, held on 25 January, comprised the Bersih secretariat member, Mandeep Singh,  Universiti Malaya lecturer, Dr Khoo Ying Hooi and the #undirosak campaigner, Hafidz Baharom.

We really don’t care

“We really don’t care…if it’s a BN or Pakatan government,” said Hafidz, after the moderator and Mandeep repeatedly asked how voters could effect change, by spoiling their votes.

Mandeep criticised #undirosak for having no narrative and highlighted Hafidz’s frequent reiteration of his refrain, “I don’t care”.

Dr Khoo urged Hafidz to be more responsible, and consider the consequences of what he advocates the public to do.

Mandeep urged Malaysians not to fall for the propaganda of the #undirosak group, and said, “We deserve a better tomorrow. Vote and make a change. Care for your country.”

Grow up

Hafidz said that Malaysians had lost trust in BN, PAS and PH. He said, “I gave Pakatan ten years to grow up, but they did not grow up. Now, just go out and vote, but ruin your vote. Just show that you have lost faith in them.”

After viewing the video below, one person said, “All I could remember was “I don’t care… I don’t care…I don’t care…””

Another person said, “That #undirosak representative is the one who should grow up!”


You watch the video and tell us what you think…


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