It is time for Anwar to start culling PKR. Weed out the rubbish now! Restore faith in the rakyat. Money and promises of position & perks are good inducements for frogs.

When will the prime-minister-in-waiting, Anwar Ibrahim, show his leadership qualities?

When will he start to cull his party, PKR and get rid of the weeds? He should be more firm and decisive.

Weeding or culling PKR will:-

  1. Improve discipline

2. Get rid of traitors who damage the party and are probably secretly informing PN of the PKR’s internal goings-on

3. Strengthen the party (within and outside)

4. Give renewed hope to the rakyat

Taliban networks organise sleeper cells which they activate when they feel the time is right. The same happens in Malaysian politics. Today, Azmin Ali activated his sleeper, the Kuala Langat MP, Dr Xavier Jayakumar.

Xavier defected to PN. His excuse for defecting, was “to avoid snap polls”. He is being economical with the truth. Xavier is now a pro-PN independent MP. We have nice words for him, which are unprintable.

GE-15 will probably be after Raya. The preparation is being done now. Destroy PKR because it is the weakest link in the Harapan coalition.

Soon, more defections will happen because Muhyiddin Yassin wants to create chaos in PKR and the other parties like Umno-Baru, PAS). Muhyiddin wants to triumph in GE-15.

Since GE-14, PKR has seen the most defections out of the component parties of Harapan.

Azmin’s supporters remaining in PKR, will inflict untold damage to PKR, if nothing is done by the Opposition leader, Anwar, to get rid of these troublemakers.

Notice the steady drip of PKR MPs to PN to become pro-PN, independent MPs.

When this happens, the rakyat thinks “What on earth is going on?” More importantly, they think PKR is doomed and worse still, the reputation of Harapan will be dragged into the sewer. This is not good for the nation or for those of us who still have hope in Harapan returning to government.

Weeds like Xavier, Julau MP Larry Sng and Tebrau MP Steven Choong have dented our faith in PKR, but more importantly the defections will affect Harapan’s image and chances at GE-125.

DAP have started to weed their party and remove pro-PN members. Amanah should do the same.

Weeds, like Edmund Santhara, damage PKR’s reputation, and like weeds in the soil, take away the nutrients supplied to the soil and damage the main crop, in this case, PKR, because the party will not be able to do its job properly.

Getting rid of the pro-Azmin members, should have been done decades ago, but Anwar being Anwar, is a poor judge of character. He should have listened to his wife, daugher and Rafizi Ramli. They are alleged to have had serious reservations about Azmin, who of course, if Muhyiddin Yassin’s best buddy now.

Over the past year and more recently, there has been a steady drip of PKR politicians leaving the party.

Several PKR members started the Sheraton Move to form the unelected, PN coalition of traitors, frogs and self-serving politicians.

Anwar should be a leader and start culling before he has no party to lead, and before he becomes history.

Whilst weeding, he should remove the dead-wood and also groom others to replace him as leader. We want people of integrity, not yes-men. We need people with vision, who are not afraid to begin a new narrative that does NOT just pander to the Malays.

Should Anwar cull himself, in the interests of PKR and the rakyat?

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • waLtery says:

    Sleeper cells is the appropriate term. The existing members linked to the back door Azmin are well known and have been named. They are cancerous and should be removed asap.

  • S.Muthu Pillai says:

    PKR should cull itself of Anuar first then all will be ok…if not more would jump ship and work out their ‘gratuity’.(.at the expense of the voters ) for they have got their pension!….we the rakyat are the suckers to have voted PKR in the first place…better vote in the DAP and Amanah..or any other new opposition party…

  • Steven says:

    Anwar has shown time again and again how screwed up he really is. I am still waiting for the majority that he said he has to vote him PM.

    He tries to be a leader but he has actually proven to be malleable and willing to make compromises if it gives him a glimmer of being PM.

    In my view Anwar will NEVER be PM – he lacks the foresight and vision of a genuine leader. He lives for the day, struggling to “get the numbers” to try to get to Putrajaya.

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    “When will he start to cull his party, PKR and get rid of the weeds?”

    The useless snake tosspot Anwar should start with himself.

    Then disband the garbage bin, the PKR.

    For too long and under the rubbish leadership of the opportunist Devil’s spawn Anwar, the PKR’s filled with treacherous and quarrelsome slimy and sneaky worthless arseh*les who have done absolutely nothing but prop up their supposed enemies That is, if the monkeys do not defect to their enemies.

    With Anwar around – and forever trying and forever failing miserably, we are always going to get the same old vintage camel urine in the same old snakeskin.

    If Malaysians can’t work out Anwar is nothing but a kampong longkang fraud and fake, then by all means, make a statue of him, keep him forever. At least the arseh*le would be useful that way as a toilet for the pigeons.

    The most I can ever remember Arseh*le Anwar for is he’s so unbelievably stupid and witless he trusted the Snake Pharaoh Dr Monster to nicely vacate his PM position in due course for him! Mind you, the Lim Lynasty comes a close second with the same spastic mentality…

    Then there’s of course, Arseman Ali who took Anwar for a nice ride or even rode him, betrayed him and the PKR. If Arseh*le Anwar was
    worth his belacan, he would have been the first to sniff Arseman Ali’s bent and treachery. Anwar didn’t, and right till the very end, the old arseh*le Anwar should have resigned if he had any sense of honour, stay far away from the PKR.

    Anybody as fcuking moronic a retard as Anwar should not even be a nightsoil handler anywhere – even in Malaysia! Not even for the PKR’s nodding sheep voters!

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