Its great to be a Malaysian politician.

The title says it all. The typical Malaysian politician, read Umno-Baru, PN, Bersatu and PAS, are fast-tracked to riches, their criminal activities are dismissed, their court cases are postponed & maybe thrown out.

I list a few known traits of some Malaysian politicians.

Many Malaysian politicians lie about their degrees and qualifications. For instance, a former Perak MB, was finally forced to admit that he did not have a degree, after pressure from social media. He claimed that he had come clean about not having a degree, in a radio interview, but searches on the net producted nothing about this supposed interview.

A few Malaysian politicians refuse to disclose their wealth and assets, claiming that they will be the target of kidnappers.

They insult our intelligence because we know they cannot have amassed their multimillion ringgit fortunes on the wages of a politician. A few will claim that before they became a politician, they were successful businessmen. Apart from lying, they are good at spinning fairy tales.

Many Malaysian politicians have several overseas holidays. They call these study trips. Some contact the Malaysian High Commission or Embassy to meet Malaysian students in the city they are visiting, so that the whole trip can be put on the ministerial tab. The taxpayer pays for their trips which will include family members and friends in the entourage.

Some politicians, whose children marry foreigners, will fly their saudara-mara and friends for the engagement ceremony or wedding, held overseas. One mock study trip was held in a corrupt nation in Central Asia, a few were held in Indonesia. Why do so few people question this abuse of taxpayers’ money?

Today, we are told that the High Court granted the wannabe prince from Acheh, Adnan Mansor, a discharge not amounting to an acquittal (DNAA), on his RM1 million corruption case.

We are told that there were “new developments” in the case. What are these “new developments”? Why does the judiciary insult our intelligence?

From what we can see, Malaysian justice rewards the allegedly corrupt politicians. They can postpone their cases and even when convicted, are not put in jail, but can lodge their appeal whilst they roam free. What sort of justice is this?

If corrupt politicians are allowed so much freedom and leeway to bend the laws, why can’t the ordinary rakyat be given the same treatment?

Coming back to the Adnan Mansor corruption trial. we are told that he had allegedly received RM1 million from businessman Tan Eng Boon to approve an application by Paragon City Development Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Nucleus Properties Sdn Bhd), to increase the industrial plot ratio of a piece of land on Jalan Semarak, in Kuala Lumpur.

Previously, the High Court had fined Tan RM1.5 million after he pleaded guilty to a charge of abetting Adnan Mansor in receiving a RM1 million bribe.

Three things are of importance.

First. In an act of corruption, there is a giver and a taker. Tan had pleaded guilty and yet Adnan Mansor was granted a DNAA. What is happening here? Did a corrupt act happen or not? Why did Tan plead guilty if corruption did not take place?

Second. If Adnan Mansor was granted a DNAA, will the High Court return the RM1.5 million fine to Tan, with interest? Will Tan sue the High Court or the judiciary or the government of Malaysia, for compensation for hurting his feelings and for the damage to his reputation?

Third. Muhammad Mohand, the president of Transparency International-Malaysia (TI-Malaysia), expressed surprise that the Kuala Lumpur High Court had granted Adnan Mansor a DNAA.

He said, “TI-Malaysia is deeply concerned about the public perception and how this will affect Malaysia’s future rating in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI).

“In 2019 Malaysia made a dramatic recovery in the CPI score after investigating high profile cases and those involved were charged.”

This is what I think. Malaysians probably cannot be bothered anymore about how foreigners see us, because uppermost in their minds is this: Crime does pay and in future, they will tell their children. You don’t have to work hard at school. Just practise on telling lies and stealing what does not belong to you. You must work towards becoming a politician.

What a waste of taxpayers resources, time and money!

Mana pergi maruah orang Melayu?

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Eddie chin says:

    We are doomed when we profess Agama Bangsa Dan Negara instead of Negara Bangsa Dan Agama. We got all our priorities wrong.

  • Benzeegee says:

    The title and the pictures on top ofhe article really say it all!

  • Nsr says:

    Integrity has become rhetoric, our nation is going to collapse.let us transform the stewardship in PRU 15

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    The only significant thing I have ever seen any politician in Malaysia do is cutting the ribbon for the opening of something which someone or some party has pocketed the bulk of the inflated cost.

    What is called a filthy thief elsewhere, is called a grinning politician in Malaysia.

  • Raaj Darma says:

    Human values lost and false dignity augur popularity of those with power

  • triple tree says:

    This case only proves the point that morality of malaysian politicians have been permanently destroyed. This fat blob will not be the last – it is the harbinger of worse things to come. Malaysia has become the laughing stock of the world. It is the place to go to if you are corrupt, kleptocratic, stupid, inept and racist.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “morality of malaysian politicians have been permanently destroyed”

      There wasn’t any to begin with…

      But the morality of the Malaysian electorate voting the corrupt in ALL parties is nothing to behold either!

  • Dr K.N.Singh says:

    Sad state of affairs S only few Malaysians protest.

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