It’s Raya soon! Raya means rendang & Rendang means beef. Cow Woman’s husband & family stole the money meant for the NFC project. Want to know who approved the project?

I’m fuming because beef is expensive. Expensive because Cow Woman, her hubby, and her children, all directors of the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) abused the nation’s trust and stole taxpayers’ money meant for cattle farmers.

Their greed means that we cannot enjoy relatively cheap beef, because our cattle farmers did not receive the funds for breeding cattle. One of the aims was to reduce Malaysia’s dependence on beef imports. The idea was to enable Malaysians to have cheap beef for consumption.

Instead, Cow Woman’s family used the RM250 million to buy luxury condominiums, imported cars, umpteen umrah visits for her and her family to seek forgiveness from God. They adore religious self-cleansing rituals, overseas holidays and god knows what other luxuries. All at taxpayers’ expense.

One greedy Malay from the elite class steals, and years down the line, it is NOT just the farmers who suffer. We all do! The rakyat suffers.

This is the consequence of Malay stupidity, greed, and the Umno-Baru “me-me-me” culture.

Two things you may wish to be reminded.

1. Guess who approved the project? The person who approved it has returned with a vengeance. He is instrumental in giving us more nightmares, dyspepsia and sakit jiwa (mental anguish).

2. Has the money been returned to the taxpayer? As far as I am aware, the RM250 million has NOT been returned (plus interest if you please). Now that I have reminded you, please contact your MP, ADUN or shout about it in social media, to demand the NFC scandal is resolved. We cannot have another Raya where beef prices are sky high.

Read the full article about Umno-Baru scandals from Asia Sentinel at this link.

An excerpt reads, “…the agreement to establish the National Feedlot Corporation, made when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was prime minister, went to the family of Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, the Minister of Women, Welfare and Community Development and head of the women’s wing of Umno.

Her husband, Mohamad Salleh Ismail, is the chairman.

Her three children are respectively the chief executive officer and executive directors of the company.

None had any experience in cattle production or beef supply prior to the establishment of the company.

The report of the NFC’s operations was contained in the 2010 report of Malaysia’s Auditor General, which was delayed for weeks before it was finally released.

The scandal has generated tensions inside UMNO, with some reformers demanding that Shahrizat be forced out of her job as minister.

However, the leadership has circled the wagons to protect her. In particular, Muhyiddin Yassin, the deputy prime minister, has said there was no case to be brought against her.

Muhyiddin was the agriculture minister in 2006 when the project was approved.

Others who came to her defense are Abdullah Badawi and his son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, the head of the UMNO Youth Wing.

This is also because daft Malays keep voting for the thieving party which keeps changing its name from Umno, to Umno-Baru, to Bersatu and whatever….so that Malays who mudah lupa, who are easily confused, are led to think that the new party that emerged, is sweet and innocent.

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  • Yamtuan Raja Beringin says:

    Why can’t the opposition party bring this matter up in court since parliament is not sitting. This matter has been taking too long and clearly an abuse of power plus wrongful use of fund and yet the court can find them not guilty. Can this matter still be challenge in high court since the allotted sum of RM250m has still not been returned??

  • Tony swak says:

    Such an “heinous” crime can only happen in this BolehLand of M’sia 🤬🤬!!
    I call it “heinous” for it has robbed all the msians esp the poor the chances to own a simple low cost house !!
    Yet such family wallop hundreds of millions to own luxurious condo n still enjoy a life of a king esp during this COVID crisis where the poor msians still ve difficulties to find foods on their dinning tables !!
    Msians should not just let this ugly episode be so easily forgotten 🤬🤬!!
    Too many such scandals keep repeating n who re those crooks ??
    Same assholes 🤬🤬
    Shameful lanuns 🤬🤬!!


    Keep going , our only woman journalists in Malaysia who has the guts to write without fear and always truthful and genuine . Thanks Mariam. All reports will be swept under the carpet but hope some good MPs will follow up. We need RAFIZI urgently to be our next MP.

  • Mahandra Rao says:

    The Malays must realise that it is the leaders of their own community who are responsible for the lack of progress rather than the other non Malay communities

    • Yahya Sudirman says:

      sad but don’t think that will happen!
      Once the politicians recite some phrase from the Quran, all is lost and forgiven…

      The cycle continues!!!

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