JAKIM forgot to issue a ban on New Year’s day celebrations.

JAKIM has really slipped up this time.

In their hurry to cover their incompetence, corruption and stupidity, JAKIM forgot to ban our New Year celebrations.

Every year, on the first of January, we celebrate the first day of the Gregorian calendar, which has its roots in Christendom.

Just in case anyone from JAKIM asks, “Apa itu Gregorian calendar?”

The Gregorian calendar is today’s internationally accepted civil calendar and is also known as the Western or Christian calendar. It was proclaimed in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII 

In the space of two weeks, the JAKIM halal division was proven to be as fake as the supposedly halal beef on sale, which was probably kangaroo meat, horse meat or meat from a diseased animal.

Then to hide the bad news, about this meat cartel scandal, JAKIM tried to distract us with a warning to shops which possess JAKIM’s halal certification that they are banned from  openly displaying Christmas cakes which had been iced with the words, “Merry Christmas”.

Will JAKIM be an utter spoil sport and put a stop to our New Year celebrations?

Will they do the same for the next big festival in Malaysia, which is Thaipusam, to be followed by Chinese New Year and Easter?

Will the Gawai harvest festival in Sarawak, or Pesta Ka’amatan in Sabah be put at risk from overzealous JAKIM officials? Muslims are already banned from celebrating Valentine’s day.

Tonight, as you make your New Year wish, please wish that JAKIM is banned.

Halal or not, Happy New Year to everyone!

Below is Auld Lang Syne in Malay…Enjoy! The video is not mine. It is from YouTube.

Lighten up JAKIM and let your hair or turban down once in a while!

For Malaysian youngsters born from the late 70s onwards, the video shows what Malaysia used to be like. None of that false Arabic dress, mannerisms or speech. This is multicultural Malaysia at its best, not pseudo Saudi-Arabia with all their wasabi soul destroying nonsense.

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Ultra Directory says:

    I just couldnt leave your website before letting you know that I really enjoyed the useful information you offer to your visitors Will be back soon to check up on new posts

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    “Lighten up JAKIM and let your hair or turban down once in a while!”

    The dumb monkeys in Jerkin’ should be told it is not the pubic hair.

  • Nandha Kumar says:

    Mariam Mokhtar for PM …A GOOD alternate tio the present crop of wannabes… 😉

  • YEONG KC says:

    Happy halal New Year to you and loved ones our dear MM…Mariam M…not the other evil MM.
    Thank you for speaking up for us with all your courageous write ups and videos… Salute!

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    As far as the Chinese are concerned, there’s no need for Jerkin’. Not because Jerkin’ behaves like a brown-skinned Gestapo of little Hitler wannabes, and butts into everything it can’t handle and knows phark all about.

    It’s because our Chinese are kiasi terrified to death even before the jerks in Jerkin’ wake up to anything any Chinese does that at the very slightest offends the cult of the Turd Reich.

    Remember how the Chinese were such a bleeding bunch of laughing stock material when they went out of the way to hide any picture or object of pigs during a Chinese new year?

    During another Chinese new year, the zodiac sign was dog, and dog-anythings were exiled, and a blessed barking chicken stood in as symbol of the year.

    With the Chinese naturally and unhealthily kiasi terrified of offending certain fragile sensibilities, and the Abdul Adolfs, there’s actually no need to have Jerkin’ at all. Which will, of course, save a lot of money better spent on more deserving corrupt and unnecessary purposes – and for a better class of crooked, incompetent, and corrupt bastards.

    If Jerkin’ knows the Will of the al-Mighty and those other blessed books used by the believers, it will be aware that there are plenty of important matters that are pressing, critical, and key to religious observation that have to be put right long long ago.

    Of these, firstly, “Islamic banking” is haram. It is for most Muslim à “complex” and “complicated” subject, mainly because the goose-stepping wonders of Jerkin’ are mostly very thick ignorant jerks. Then, our pious “Muslims” do love access to money as easy and as “halal” as any hadith can be bent and twisted. Not much point going into “Islamic banking” at the moment, it will cause massive head injury to those dumb Jerkin’ Keystone klowns.

    Secondly, and this affects a lot of our sweeties and dearies – make-up of the face, however ugly or nice, is haram. Some will cite that it’s ok for the husband blah, but make-ups are not a major thing in antiquity, it is more à modern preoccupation, big industry, and even religion for some. Jerkin’ should send out the attack barking chickens and cocks to arrest those painted faces before they get slapped by our loving pious religious menfolk.

    Cars, phones, televisions, computers, fridges, blenders, juicers, airplanes, sex aids… and even flushing toilets should be confiscated, they are tools or playthings of Satan.Trade in those gadgets and playthings at your favourite Ah Longs.

    McDo, KFC, Starbucks, Pizza Huts, Legoland, etc should close down, they are businesses of the enemies of the believers. If not, not too few of our believers are too pharking obese even though it’s been Arab taste through the centuries women with huge posterior.

    Singing and music and the use of sound-amplification should stop. Other than wailing like bad karaoke torturers during calls to worship, music should be banned, karaokes closed, and export of singers to China ended.

    Just some of the many things that should keep the jerks in Jerkin’ occupied and having a great time throwing their weight around for.

    To show my appreciation for Jerkin’ and its huge budget, I vote its jerks should be entitled free and free-flowing and tapau for camel urine. It is prescribed by the holy book, all 37 known versions of it. Camel urine is a known cure for many diseases, maybe even ugly faces, Coke and other fizzy drinks are known cause of many ailments, obesity, and even early trips to Jennah.

    Just my two sens to show my regard and appreciation of that fcuking Jerkin’ and its retard winged donkeys, Ameen…

  • AndrewChan says:

    Disband and ban Jakim,a monster created by the pm who started the destruction process of multicultural, multiracial and multireligious Malaysia.This monster was created for political reasons to checkmate the then PAS and alo to position of the respective sultan as the head of Islam in the state

  • double tree says:

    All talk and no action. After 2 weeks all will be forgotten. To convince us, the long suffering rakyat, Jakim must be disbanded, but not before all it’s monies are properly audited and published for all to see. The rakyat is convinced that there is great kleptocracy as well as corruption going on in Jakim. The people involved in criminal activities must be prosecuted according to the law. All this while, the non Malays have suffered from “religious” pronouncements affecting our livelihood as well as our interactions with Malays/muslims. To non Malays, Jakim is an aberration on Malaysia’s society. The sooner it disappears the better.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “… according to the law”

      Not syariah “law”, I hope!

      And not in any halal kangaroo court, either…

  • Pepper says:

    This is too funny!

  • Ben Gunda says:

    Happy New Year yo you MM and all Malaysians!

  • Ravindran says:

    Yes very soon they have issue their H…. cert for everything including the air we breathe, the water we drink, and how about the cars, bicycles ( take note KJ ), motor cycles , airplanes, ships, etc, etc.We use in our daily life

  • alec says:


  • ShanghaiFish says:

    JAKIM and most fundamentalists hate one thing most. JOY. They just cannot stand anyone laughing or in a happy mood. It is this trait, presumably from the Taliban sect that does not allow them to watch football or and sport where cheering and laughter is plenty. Such a sad bunch of bloody hypocrites! Their mantra is “if we are NOT happy, nobody else must be” shit I suppose! Let’s all rise and wish these wet-blankets a “Happy New Gregorian Year 2021”.
    I’ll even throw in two 🍻 and a shot of🥃!

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “presumably from the Taliban sect”

      I don’t believe we have Malaysians in the Taliban, but we do have them in the Islamic state/ISIS.

      Some even died for the “caliphate”.

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