Jane Chelliah: The First Malaysian on British Reality TV

Rebuilding Malaysia catches up with KL born, Jane Chelliah, the first Malaysian to star on British Reality TV.

Part I. How I was Selected for the TV Show

Jane is a mother of a teenage daughter and like all mothers, is alarmed at the ease children, including very young children, are able to access online hardcore pornography and be conditioned by the images and the hidden messages the films relay. She explained that sex was a taboo subject when she was growing up in Malaysia, where girls weren’t allowed to talk to boys let alone date. 

Like most parents, Jane said that she found it difficult to talk to her teenage daughter about sex and as a feminist mother, was keen to raise awareness of the dangers of hard-core porn. 

Together with four other British mothers, Jane decided to take part in the Channel 4 three-part documentary called “Mums Make Porn”, and then take part in producing a porn film, which they said was “acceptable” and “ethical”.

Halfway through making the ethical movie, she found that her cultural and religious background made it impossible for her to continue.

Part II: Would Malaysia benefit from a similar TV Series?

Jane talks about gutter politics in Malaysia, and how porn films are used against politicians to bring them down. She also expressed outrage at the way Asian women were portrayed in pornographic films.

She discusses the positive and negative outcomes of the film, lists her achievements after the film was produced, and said that more discussions to highlight the dangers about hard-core porn, should be made.

Part III. Jane Chelliah Flies the Flag for Malaysia

Jane touches on citizenship and said, “Thomas Humphrey Marshall, the British Sociologist, said that the concept of citizenship covers the right to share to the full in the social heritage of a country. Referencing this, there is no concept of equal citizenship in Malaysia. There are three tiers.

“Firstly, you have the Malays. Secondly, you have the Indians and Chinese. Thirdly and lastly, people like the Orang Asli and other indigenous groupings. In fact, I would also include very poor Indian people in this category.” 

Jane said that she had no regrets making the film  and told Huffington Post, “Much as I approve of the film the other four mothers went on to produce, I didn’t want to, in any way, condone the industry. I did not want to be known as a porn producer.”

Thank you Jane for highlighting the many dangers of porn, such as mental health issues, to young minds, to young women and men. 

Jane blogs at https://www.ambitiousmamas.co.uk/

Photos courtesy of Jane.


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  • Gary T says:

    The whole issue of porn and its meaning need clarification. Like any word, the significance lies in the context the word is used.
    What is porn but just a medium for sexual expression. Porn is as essential as sex is to human procreation.
    Porn existed since the dawn of human civilization after humans acquired new mediums of expression.be it drawing, language or writing.
    Pornographic materials as a representation of sexual behavior were found throughout the ages right from Egyptian sarcophagi texts, Kamasutra wall murals at Hindu temples to Ancient Greek sculptures and statues.
    Hence, to be clear, the issue is not about sex or porn per se but about consent, dignity and respect and the way porn is used. Social norms and values has evolved, pornography is acceptable as long as it is not misused to exploit, abuse, degrade, or cause harm to any human being or any other living being.

  • double tree says:

    How to control child porn when it is acceptable to marry children young enough to be your granddaughter. This is the state of muslims in this country and our minister in charge of women’s affairs can’t do anything about it.

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