Khairuddin is NOT above the law. His position is untenable. He knows he is in big trouble but nothing will happen as he is protected by abah. Khairuddin distracts us again, with his proposed ban on gambling and alcohol. Abah is also in big trouble because every seat counts.

You remember the PAS MP for Kuala Nerus MP Khairuddin Aman Razali who is also the Plantation Industries and Commodities minister.

Khairuddin is under a lengthy investigation for breaching the SOP Coronavirus quarantine when he returned from Turkey with his family and other individuals, who have not been named.

Khairuddin has called for a ban on gambling and restrictions on alcohol consumption.

In an interview with TV Pertiwi (the interviewer was Firdaus Salleh Hudin), which was posted in the interview of its Facebook page last night, Khairuddin urged Muhyiddin Yassin to ban gambling as part of implementing PAS’ Islamic agenda.

He said, “There are no intelligent people, who love morals, who love peace, who like (gambling).

“Because gambling is known to cause conflict, ultimately, gambling must be banned. That is the reality that the world has to accept.”

These are my views on Khairuddin

  1. Khairuddin is trying to deflect all the attention on his investigation by talking about this gambling and alcohol.

2. Khairuddin is a typical arrogant Malay who has no clue about leadership. He thinks he does NOT need to lead by example.

3. Khairuddin thinks he is above the law. He has tasted power and money, so he does not want to give all this up.

4. Khairuddin is protected by abah who knows that if Khairuddin was fined RM2,000 and is jailed, he will be forced to step down as MP and there goes Muhyiddin’s slim majority

5. Khairuddin’s investigation for breaking the law is treated like a political football. It is bounced here and there and still no end in sight. Perhaps, Muhyiddin will soon have to see Khairuddin score an own goal because the longer it takes, the more angry the rakyat beecomes.

6. Khairuddin should be banned by the Speaker for breaching the code of conduct for Ministers. He may have committed his Coronavirus offence in July, but he still has to be punished. Perhaps, there is no code of conduct. The Malaysian parliament resembles a zoo with baboons baring their fangs, and where hyenas, dingoes, poisonous frogs and double headed snakes slither. At the best of times, our parliament resembles a mental assylum. All we ever hear are issues with race, religion and royalty, how to protect Malays and defend Islam. Nothing much of substance is really debated. No debates happen either. Most times, it is a shouting and slanging match. I’d rather watch WWF on TV than a bunch of clowns trying to impress the idiots at large.

7. Khairuddin’s case is taking a longggggggggggggg time. The police are dragging their feet. You must ask “Why?” Now, the Attorney-General’s Chambers are involved. What is holding this investigation up? It appears to be clear cut, so the conclusion is protection from higher up. Is there something else he did in Turkey that we are not aware of?

8. Khairuddin’s case is a perfect example of politicians being allowed to bend the rules, break the law, but the rakyat are dragged to court, fined, jailed and face intense scrutiny.

9. Khairuddin’s case shows that are two sets of laws. One for minister and their families. Another for rakyat biasa

10. Khairuddin must go. His position is untenable. The longer Muhyiddin allows this case to drag on, the weaker he looks.

What do you think?

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  • Bobby says:

    Ideally nobody gambles…coz the chance of winning is small. Everybody knows that.
    But people (including Muslim) still do it….why?
    That’s the “hope” they get when they punt RM2 every draw.
    At least there’s hope….
    With PN/UMNO/PAS/Bersatu/Pejuang….there’s no hope…it is always Melayu bodoh & malas!

  • isaloo says:

    We have our likes
    We have our dislikes
    We don’t ask to ban this and that
    You should ask yourself why

    We want to enjoy our lives
    Living in this world of many lights
    We were born to fulfill our quests
    Learn the good and the bad as well

    We don’t need political religious men
    They only think of one thing in their minds
    Others they will say to ban it
    Even different opinion they get all soaked up

    You have sins in your life
    You better clean it first
    Before you throw in your advice
    Clean up your act before you advice

    Our Constitution stands first
    In our every day lives
    Live your life Sir
    We live our own

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