“Khairuddin-Kuarantin” delayed making his statement for the police. Why? He needed more time to cook-up a story. Why couldn’t he go to Bukit Aman? The police met him in parliament after KK’s cerita dongeng was ready.

Why must the PDRM entertain Khairuddin-Kuarantin (KK), the Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities, Khairuddin Aman Razali?

But…he has no credibility

We know why Khairuddin-Kuarantin needs more time. He has to cook-up a story that will ngam with his buddies cooked-up version in the Ministry of Health (MOH).

KK has to ensure that the backdated RM1,000 fine matches the fairy-tale of the Little Napoleons in the MoH.

Instead of KK going to Bukit Aman, the police met him in parliament, to get his statement.

Yesterday, KK told them that he was busy. He was with Ali Rustam (another dodgy politician who is now the Governor of Malacca – another story there!). He said, “Wait first”. They did and they waited…and waited…no KK.

Others who breached the Coronarivirus SOP, have been dragged to the police station, but incredibly, the police “tabek tuan” to KK who risked the health of all who came into contact with him.

An incompetent lying minister, who refuses to observe the strict SOP during this Coronavirus pandemic, makes the nation wait. Perhaps, KK thinks we will forget this serious violation.

Why are the police bending over backwards to please Khairuddin-Kuarantin? Orders from above?

In KK’s cooked-up story, he also must explain why he forgot to tell parliament on 18 August, that he had been fined on 7 August. Will he claim he was jet-lagged?

Sadly, the MOH now has a tarnished reputation.

For months, the Director General of Health was in our good books with his role in keeping the Coronavirus under control in Malaysia.

Did Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah’s junior staff NOT inform him about Khairuddin-Kuarantin’s breach of the SOP?

Why did Dr Noor Hisham’s minions keep him in the dark?

Why is Dr Noor Hisham’s staff trying to make him look bad?

Why did the Ministry of Health backdate the fine?

If a fine had indeed been paid on 7 August, Khairuddin-Kuarantin would have mentioned this when he was questioned in parliament on 18 August.

In other words, he was caught with his pants down.

His buddy, Minister for Environment and PAS VP, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, dragged lorry drivers into KK’s fiasco. The Lorry Drivers Association fought back.

It is amazing how men of the cloth (ustads) can spin and tell the nation, with a straight face, that God is watching. It is amazing how Ustads must drag others to their low level.

Khairuddin-Kuarantin has made a fool of himself. He refuses to resign because he wants to remain minister, enjoy his perks and continue lying to the rakyat.

The other great shame is the silence of the Cabinet. Semua buat diam.

(Note: Why can’t Khairuddin-Kuarantin go to Bukit Aman, like other people? Special meh? PDRM doing home delivery, at your convenience service? CSR?)


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  • mgeo says:

    Any evidence that he is “negative” at present?

    So far, we have seen the elite in many countries caught practising what they really believe about the “pandemic”: that it is of no danger except to specific categories of people.

  • Philip Wong says:

    Note that the Health DG isn’t the Minister. The Minister of Health is none other than Khadam Baba. It’s highly likely that the statement from the MoH isn’t from the DG himself but from Khadam to bail his crony out.

  • Robert says:

    I have long ago realised that these so-called men of God are simply power hungry idiots.

    They are witnesses to why non- muslims do not have a good impression of islam..certainly not me.

    Ultimately, this arrogant songkok wearing imbecile will be given a tap on the wrist.

  • Winston says:

    Cik Mariam, Malaysians must wake up to the fact this country doesn’t have the calibre of politicians who can make this country great again!
    And the earlier this brutal fact is understood by us, the better.

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