Little Napoleon, this time in the Immigration department, strikes again!


Little Napoleon (the woman in white top, in pic) in the Immigration Department brings more shame to this Government department.

Who is she, this little vixen? Why are the sadists, the Little Napoleons in our civil service allowed to use violence. They do untold damage to themselves, the uniform she wears and the ministry she is attached to.

The only thing to do is to immediately suspend this Little Napoleon, scrutinise her past, send her to court, sack her and shame her, if she is found guilty of assault.

Horrid little so-and-so.

Why did her colleagues close one eye to her “work methods”? Is this standard Immigration SOP?

If she were not wearing her uniform, she would not have dared to do what she did.

The department should identify the sadists in their outfit and sack them. Yes, we need firm people, but not nasties like this.

The bosses damage their reputations when they simply transfer this little witch to a desk job. She should be suspended immediately. Investigations conducted, her life scrutinised and checked to see if she has been responsible for other violence in discharging her duties.

Shame on you, you Little Napoleon. If you do not like your job, resign. There is no need to shame the whole department.

Video credit: Junky videos on YouTube

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