Mahathir mudah lupa! He wants to visit Sabah to check on the snap polls. Has he forgotten about Project IC? Many Sabahans have not forgiven him for that. Musa Aman is also alleged to have a hand in Project IC. Both men, “Same-same” sahaja!

Yesterday, Dr Mahathir Mohamad said,  “I will go to Sabah because I find that what happened in Sabah is a very bad example of corruption.

“I find that the 13 assemblypersons who quit the government parties were offered money. They were bribed. This is something we want to eliminate.

“They will be totally rejected by the people of Sabah as they cannot be trusted. They only follow money, not principles. When they get money, they hop.”

Cast your mind back to 2013. Dr Mahathir’s 90 minute performance at the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) into Sabah’s illegal immigrant problem, is testimony of his arrogance. He believes that he is invincible.

As the 209th witness at the RCI, he denied any knowledge of Project IC and instead blamed low-ranking officers for issuing identity cards to foreigners.

The day after his testimony, Mahathir insinuated that Anwar Ibrahim, his one-time deputy, was responsible for Project IC.

Mahathir said, “He was in the government, he knew the government’s policy. If that was the government’s policy, why didn’t he stop it?”

When asked by reporters if he was referring to Anwar, Mahathir sneered, “Maybe”.

Any member of the rakyat who goes to a government department is aware that no decision is made without the approval of a civil servant with authority. Senior staff await orders from the top. 

Mahathir claimed not to know anything about Project IC. What sort of PM was he, who did not know what was happening in his country?

Hundreds of thousands, were given MyKads.  This mammoth operation needed clearance from the highest authority in the land. Mahathir must try harder if he thinks he can continue to pull the wool over our eyes. 

People who testified in the Sabah RCI, claimed that Mahathir gave the nod to open the flood gates and allow Filipinos and Indonesians who were Muslims, to be given ICs.

Allegations that Musa Aman had a hand in Project IC

Don’t think Musa Aman is innocent. either.

In the same RCI in 2013, Dr Chong Eng Leong made serious allegations linking Musa Aman to Project IC.

Chong, a former Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) politician who authored a book on Project IC, testified that Musa chaired a task force back in 1991 that was designed to register foreigners as Umno members after giving them Malaysian citizenship.

“When Umno first entered Sabah, this task force was formed, and the chief was none other but Musa Aman himself,” Chong had told the RCI.

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  • Steven says:

    I have always considered Mahathir the most racist PM and hypocrisy personified.

    He is really wasting the space he currently occupies on this earth. The good thing is that, we will not have to tolerate his antics much longer.

    • Aratha says:

      The day he is disposed off for good, it shd be declared a holiday! He is the main culprit who destroyed the very fabric of our nation which was built on multiracial ism. He is a destructive element that needs to be clamped for life. What a great shame! In his twilight year and in the winter of his life, he is cursed by the very citizens who once placed him on a pedestal.

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