Mahathir’s London talk, complete with questions posed


Dr Mahathir Mohamad was in London to address concerned Malaysians. His talk was called  “Malaysia in the World Today”

Place: Macmillan Hall, University of London, Senate House, London

Time: 6.15 pm, Wednesday 21 September 2016



Please note: The times are approximate.. Just play around with the timings (+/-) if you want to hear Mahathir’s response to a particular question.

00.00-Introduction by Philip Murphy, Director of the Institute, & Deputy Dean of the School

02:48- Wan Saiful of IDEAS Introduction

05:24 – Dr Mahathir main speech

21:01 – Dr Mahathir Q&A session begins

21:43 Question 1: Common interest with Anwar Ibrahim

23:04 – Q2 Vision 202 and High Income Nation

25:36. Q3. Our role to combat the situation in Malaysia

27:14 – Q4 Overview of the economy and how to attract Foreign Investment

30:14 – Q5 Foreign Relations with Asean, US and China

32:57 – Q6 Are you an untouchable?

34:09 – Q7 Would you have done anything differently?

37:19 – Q8 Mahathir’s Track Record and how he planted the seeds of the problem today

43:03 – Q9 Did you resign too soon?

44:15 – Q10 How do you see the Islamic world and the OIC?

46:26 – Q11 Government using religious hardliners to justify their actions

48:42 – Q12. Are you impressed by Rosmah’s diamonds?

50:04 – Q13. ??? (If you can decipher what was said, I would be grateful for the information)

52:05 – Q14. Vision 2020 and Education

54:32 – Q15. Vision of reform and separating the portfolios of Finance Minister and the PM

58:23 – Q16 Is the Opposition ready to govern. What happens if they fail to win? (includes Mahathir’s comment on the 2PMs he chose)

01:01:16 Q17. Do people accept corruption?

01:05:27. Q18. How did Malaysia help the Commonwealth, and vice-versa?

01:07:44 – Q19. Role of Civil Societies & Will Bersatu evolve into a party which is multiracial and multi religious in outlook?

01:11;58 – Q20 Where do I join Bersatu? What privileges will I get?

01:17:21 – Q21. Race based parties & Shifting to a Community-Centri type of governance

01:19:36. Q&A session ends

02:19:46 – Closing remarks and expression of thanks from the Deputy Dean.


Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Pepi Jay says:

    Pretty much disappointing show by Mahatir. He proposes a strong opposition on one hand and holds the position of Advisor/Chairman for a race based party in a nation struggling to redefine its multi racial/religious/cultural dynamics that was put in place by its founding fathers.

    He brought about change in the current ruling party in which he led (astry?) For more than 22 years. His leadership traits then was from chauvanistic to dictatorial to manipulative out of which grew the current status quo we are in now.

    May God help our beautiful nation which is currently in a dellima created by this man.

  • Raghunandanan says:

    He has still got in him the right spirit. Keep it up Tun

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