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Mahiaddin and his 97% Malay Muslim cabinet, have destroyed Malaysia.

Starving Malaysians. Suicidal. Desperate. Helpless.

A clueless Finance Minister’s actions benefit the banks, not the poor. Companies have been forced to shut. Allegedly 100,000 small-and-medium sized enterprises have closed shop. Workers sacked, or given 6 months unpaid leave….The 6 months has been extended. People cannot pay rent….so they go out onto the streets….they are the new homeless.

The Economist link is here.

People have no money to buy food. Soup kitchens are struggling, but Speaker Art Harun and his parliamentary buddies can dine on lobster, MP for Batu Pahat denied gorging on durians until he was shamed with photos, Mustapa Mohamad the Economics ministers, was caught breaking SOP rules and photographed eating. He apologised but SORRY is no cure. MPs and ministers freely break the rules, which they set for all of us. Hypocrite politicians!

Mahiaddin brought shame to the Malays and Malaysia.

We did NOT elect Mahiaddin to be PM. The agung did, by “interviewing” MPs after the Sheraton Move

A cunning crooked politician, would lie to the agung to become part of the ruling party. Is the Agung that naive? More importantly, why was he cornered into making a political decision? He is a constitutional monarch. Not an absolute monarch. Why did his advisors keep quiet? Do they have their own agendas?

With his emergency powers, Mahiaddin bulldozes his own agenda as there is no parliament and Opposition to scrutinise him. He can do what he likes with the aid of his trusted men, eg Ismail Sabri and Finance Minister Zafrul.

Mahiaddin’s tactics when he is cornered.

  1. Mahiaddin hides behind the Agung’s hemline, because Mahiaddin knows that there are fools in Malaysia who will report any criticism of the Agung, direct or indirect criticism, to the authorities and the people who criticise will be arrested, charged with sedition etc.
    People are desperate, and getting bolder. The rakyat will blame their suffering on Mahiaddin and his daft policies, but their anger will spill over and eventually reach the monarch. Remember, the rakyat will equate Mahiaddin’s rise with the Agung who installed him as PM.
  2. Mahiaddin’s second tactic is to get admitted to hospital, with all the press and photographers in tow, to take pictures of him with diarrheoa or what we know as “ponteng-disease”. A man who is genuinely sick will not have the press in tow. Cirit birit is not something you want the whole world to know. A man who is truly sick will rest quietly and not work from his hospital bed.
    You are a fraudster and a conman, Mahiaddin. Resign now and join the convicted criminal Najib Abdul Razak in prison, where both of you truly belong…and don’t forget to bring your cabinet with you.

Apart from that, Mahiaddin’s fellow politician, the Mentri Besar of Kedah is an evil person who brings shame to other Muslims. He claimed that the white flag is a sign of anti government activities. THe white flag is to alert others that that particular household is starving. How stupid is the Kedah MB Sanusi? He breaks many SOP rules and yet, perhaps, the people of kedah are just as daft to not protest and kick him out of office.

Credit Fahmi Reza

Do NOT forget the BLACK FLAG protest this Saturday, to “urge” Mahiaddin to resign.

Let us swamp Malaysia with black flags.

Let’s show Mahiaddin the exit.

Rebuilding Malaysia
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