Mahiaddin Yassin’s Jana Wibawa is full of racial harmony and lots of “I help you, you help me.”

Siapa kata Mahiaddin, is a “Malay first, Malaysian second.”

Racial harmony

In the Jana Wibawa program, we were mistaken to think the stimulus package was meant for bumiputra contractors only

From the Star report, Jana Wibawa is NOT just for bumi contractors. A crony company with lots of happy smiling faces of Chinese who are mates with a certain family have been in the news lately.


In fact, from the various corruption charge sheets we have seen, many Malay politicians, from Bersatu is very multi racial and not just practising racial harmony, but even furniture companies can also mend roads.

That is very enterprising

Share share money.

Not just that, as always, it is the Datuks and Latuks who have the best financial brains and wizardry to multitask. They even can share share the money for the project. When one helps the other, money exchanges hands. All are happy.

Who says Bersatu is a racist party. As can be seen from Jana Wibawa, it is very very racially harmonious…

So it is not true that Malay cannot help non-Malay….kah kah kah

And that saying, “Malay first, Malaysian second” can be replaced with “Money first, race second.”

Rebuilding Malaysia

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