Maihaddin’s Malay government makes life hell for poor Malays, but it’s heaven for elite Malays. One of two traders fined RM50,000 each, said,”Even if the fine was reduced to RM10,000, I can’t afford to pay. I don’t have a choice. I’ll have to choose prison.”

The Malay elites want a Malay government because they can then easily screw the poorer and uneducated Malays.

Well, they have one. Are they proud of it? 

In the past two days, we heard about two traders being fined RM50,000 each. Both are devastated.

Two days ago, burger seller, Wan Mohd Faisal Wan Kadir, 38, from Kampung Rambutan Rendang, Kota Bharu, said he was visited by police at about 11.10pm when he was completing some orders.

He had already closed his stall and was preparing food for factory workers, before delivering the food to them, when policemen swooped in and fined him RM50,000.

The following night, a trader, Mohd Azizi Mohd Nor, who sells a type of rojak, called colek, had also stopped business for the night and was cleaning up with his wife, Nik Norwati Nik Loh, when the police paid him a visit and fined him a whopping RM50,000.

Mohd Azizi operates the stall from the compound of their house in Kampung Chekok Tengah, Kota Bharu.

He said that without making any enquiries, the police immediately issued a compound of RM50,000 for allegedly operating beyond hours.

“I was shocked and was lost for words when I saw the sum. It’s hard to even earn RM100 a night from selling colek as we’re only a small-time business in a village area.”

Mohd Azizi and Nik Norwati have had sleepless nights worrying about the fine. He works as a mechanic during the day, and helps his wife to sell mee celup on regular days and the rojak at night during Ramadan to supplement his income. The father of five also takes care of three nephews and nieces.

He said, “”Let’s not talk about RM50,000, even if it was reduced to RM10,000, I can’t afford to pay. I don’t have a choice. I’ll have to choose prison,”

  1. These fines have highlighted an important issue. Many small businesses in Kelantan operate out of their homes and the distinction between operating a business and home is unclear.
  2. The fines have exposed the double standards in prosecution. Elites, including ministers and celebrities break the law and are not fined. In some cases, the Director General of Health will issue statements to justify why a particular minister should not be fined or can have reduced quarantine

    Under PN, the poor suffer.

Credit photo: Malaysiakini

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