Malaysians overseas… Is your country missing from the global Bersih map?


Calling all Malaysians who are not on the list in the Global Bersih map, please come out on 19 November to show solidarity with the Malaysians back home.

Najib Abdul Razak and his Cabinet of Shame may look like they are winning……and it may seem pretty bleak but compared with 8 years ago, or even a year ago, we are more united than ever against a corrupt regime.

Yes, Najib controls the manpower, the money, the instruments of state, the media, the TV and radio stations, the planes, the boats and the policemen to lock us up, take away our freedom… BUT he cannot take away our spirit.

They can lock our bodies and drown us with divisive, gomen propaganda… BUT they cannot cage our minds.

NOT all the police think like the IGP.

Not all the civil servants are on the side of the gomen.

Not all the armed forces support a corrupt regime…..Policemen, the army, navy and airforce have families, who have to suffer the GST and other high prices of goods, tolls, cars, housing, education…

Please help us

I was in Iceland, recently, and I know there are Malaysians living and working there. Even if you are visiting, please turn up at Austurvöllur and wear yellow and zap your pictures on Facebook. The Icelanders threw banana skins at parliament building, last July to get rid of the corrupt Icelandic PM.  Please come out this Saturday for Malaysia.

Friends living in the Scandinavian countries. Please come out on 19 November to show Malaysians at home, who are suffering the most, that wherever we are in the world, we never forget our own. Grab your gwai-loh friends and make it a memorable experience.

There are loads of Malaysians in Mauritius, please come out in your yellow bikinis, sarongs or yellow beachwear. Show Malaysians at home, that we care.

Similarly, the Malaysians in India…Or Russia…Or Spain…Or Tunisia…..Malaysians are widely travelled….I know they are out there.

All Malaysians out there.

Please support us in Malaysia’s hour of need.




Rebuilding Malaysia

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