Malaysia’s future is in YOUR hands. For those of you who are thinking of giving up, please don’t! Giving up on Malaysia is the easiest thing to do. Please think about the nation that your children will inherit. That is why we soldier on.

Never give up!

Corrupt Umno-Baru politicians have staying power, and after consuming political viagra, they can survive endless dangerous liaisons with frogs, multiple partners like PAS, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and others.

On the other hand, the rakyat suffers from hair-trigger problems, and after winning GE-14, they are a spent force and lack the endurance to continue, despite the Sheraton coup.

If only the rakyat could learn from the corrupt politicians. The corrupt think long-term, so that their party will benefit, and their relatives, cronies and peers will reap the rewards. The corrupt politician’s legacy is to promote the party cause and themselves.

Today, Malaysia is on a knife-edge. Politicians are rewarded with plum GLC posts and enviable perks. Corrupt politicians from both Umno-Baru and PAS are being recycled. Politicians who lack integrity are enticed to jump, to enable Muhyiddin Yassin to have sufficient “numbers” and stay in power.

One time “moderate Malays” like Azhar Harun, the lawyer and once outspoken social activist, have fallen for Muhyiddin’s charms.

Sadly, some of us have formed a very low opinion of other so-called “progressive” Malays and say that they will follow in Azhar Harun’s footsteps, for the right price.

Are Malaysians confused?

Many Malaysians are confused and think that  we face a Malay versus Chinese issue, or a Muslim versus non-Muslim issue. That is wrong! The real problem is that we have a handful of corrupt politicians who are desperate to cling on to power, and they use underhand tactics like the three Rs (race, religion, royalty) to displace others.

Lim Guan Eng is aware that as a politician, his life is subject to scrutiny, but who would have thought that Muhyiddin would stoop so low and charge Lim’s wife, Betty Chew, with money-laundering?

When he was the Chief Minister of Penang, we never heard that Betty had made trips to represent the government overseas, or fly other wives of ministers to the middle-east, on a ministerial jet, for a jolly. Did we notice Betty load several suitcases onto jets bound for Turkey? Did she stand-in for Lim, when foreign dignitaries visited Penang and he fell ill? Did we hear of Betty sacking reporters for painting Lim, in a negative light? Comparing Betty with other high-profile, powerful spouses, is like comparing peaches and pumpkins.

Our Impatience

  1. A majority of the rakyat wrongly believed that GE-14 was the be-all-and-end-all, and that having secured a win, that was the end of their role in nation building. They were wrong to think that.

2. The mess left behind by the Umno-Baru regime, had to be undone, before any of Pakatan Harapan’s reforms could be implemented.

3. Corrupt and incompetent civil servants still ran the show and had to be either weaned, retrained or sacked. Were they protected by powerful unions?

4. Outdated practices including lazy, lax methods had to be stopped.  These included absenteeism, long breakfast breaks, closing the public counters early before the end of the working day, and losing papers but requiring a fee, to find them.

5. The inefficient use and waste of public money had to be addressed. Important documents were probably removed or shredded.  All these faults had to be dealt with alongside the business of running the nation. Does the rakyat appreciate this?

If only…

If the felon Najib Abdul Razak and his former  Cabinet had not treated the Malaysian treasury like their personal piggy bank, more money could have been distributed amongst the rakyat.

If corrupt politicians did not steal the taxpayer’s money to buy votes, no-one would vote for them. 

When you give up, this will happen…

Giving up on Malaysia is the easiest thing to do. When you give up, you condemn your children and grandchildren to a horrible future, dominated by race and religion. Racist and religious issues in other parts of the world, have given rise to bloodshed and heightened tensions.

Aren’t you fed up with the Malay versus non-Malay, or Muslim versus non-Muslim conundrum?

Are you angry that the only true bumiputra, the Orang Asli and Orang Asal of east and west Malaysia are largely ignored?

Aren’t you fed up with the endless arguments about race, religion and royalty?

What the rakyat wants

Malaysia could lead the way in pursuing the middle path of tolerance, but corrupt politicians won’t allow this to happen.

We want to move forwards, and focus on a bright, positive future for everyone. We want the best for the nation, but we can only achieve this if we unite and kick out the racist, extremist and corrupt politicians (that’s probably 97% of the Cabinet).

Yes you can!

So, it is up to you, to help save Malaysia, from Muhyiddin Yassin, the man who ironically said he wanted to “save” Malaysia. Let’s put a stop to Muhyiddin and Perikatan Nasional’s Malay majority, Islam centric power nucleus.

In the run-up to GE-15, the rakyat must rally together and remember that we are a rich country, whose most valuable asset is its people.

Giving up is very easy to do. So, let us revive the Tunku’s dream of a harmonious, multicultural nation.

Malaysia’s future depends on you. Don’t give up. Not now! Never!

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Charlie James says:

    May Almighty God help and save us All

  • Malaysian says:

    Malaysian had only finished the initial courses of a 10 course dinner.
    1. GE14 was won
    2. PH was not fully ready but lesson learnt.
    3. Goverment/ Parliament is in confusion.
    4. The evil of Umno / Pas must diminish/ breakup.
    5. The corrupted must all go to jail.
    6. A true set of committed MPs with the right mindset to eradicate corruption must emerge.
    7. A unity block must be form to give a new birth to Malaysian politics. No more frogging of MPs.
    8. Follow the example of neighbouring Singapore to chart progressiveness era for a new Malaysia.
    9. Humility in forming a True Malaysian Spirit to achieve One Malaysian unity. No more racism, religious discrimination and one mind to make Malaysia great again.
    10. Have a 2 party block of MPs system where the Raayat has the voting power.

  • Steven says:

    Unfortunately, Azhar, like his brother, Idris Harun the AG, has already proven they are for sale.

    I am particularly disappointed in Azhar.

  • Michelle says:

    Frankly there is not much the non
    Malays or non bumiputra can do. Whatever we do, the extremist will will always counter it iwith their “anti malay and anti Islam” sentiment and a lot of misguided especially those in the rural areas Malays/ bumiputra will believe them
    100%. Imagine just a crate of beer can buy the votes of bumiputra in rural part of Sabah. Its up to the Malays or bumiputra themselves to save our country.

    • Alvin says:

      You are right. 6 decades of indoctrination did a lot of harm. Hard to reset. Only the Malay can save the country. They are the majority. If they don’t, sorry to say Malaysia will be a fail state sooner or later when the coffer dried up.

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    After that love fest with PH’s witless and opportunistic wonders sticking their lips to the zombie Pharaoh’s a-hole, I’ve given up on our so-called opposition as I have with other parties.

    I won’t be taken in by their pious self-serving golden bollocks, the “opposition” is not above playing racial and religious politics, I’ve been to too many DAP events, quietly they do flog racist crap against Malays.

    The only way out of the 3 Rs is to get rid of all our politicians be they those in UMNO, PAS, Bersatu, and who-you-may, but all those in our stale, clueless, opportunistic, two-faced, morally-bankrupt “opposition” too.

    And then start afresh.

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