MB Perak and Umno-Baru frogs. Do not make a mockery of democracy in Perak.

Some Malaysians, think they can make a mockery of democracy in Perak. 

The new Perak MB, Ahmad Faizal Azumu (White shirt with red tie), is in the middle of a group of “former” Umno-Baru representatives and state assemblymen, who have decided to switch sides.

Who do they think they are?


Did the Umno-Baru men think they can cosy up to the new Pakatan Harapan MB, and that is the end of the matter?

Our new MB is surrounded by members of the fifth column. Does he not realise that?

Did he have to look so happy, in their presence?

They treated this serious matter, like it was a carnival, or pesta or pasar malam. It is not.

Malaysians took 61 years to end the tyranny of Umno-Baru on 9 May.

Do not take us for granted. Do not think the rakyat is stupid.

The man who triggered the Perak crisis and coup of 2009 

Former Behrang assemblyman, Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi, who jumped ship from PKR to support Umno-Baru/BN in 2009, was accepted as a Bersatu member by the new Perak menteri besar. It was the MB’s first day reporting for duty.

Family ties aside, does he understand the gravity of the situation? Does he have no respect for the people of Perak? It is a slap in the rakyat’s face.

Jamaluddin triggered the Perak coup of 2009. Accepting the Jamaluddin frog does not inspire confidence in the new MB’s administration. What happened to integrity and principled leadership?

Umno-Baru reps are so arrogant they did not think they were corrupt 

The Umno-Baru frogs, did not think there was anything wrong with Umno-Baru before the General Election which they lost.

In previous years, they did not challenge the corrupt, former PM, Najib Abdul Razak, and they did not see anything wrong with the poor performance of the former Umno-Baru MB, Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir. He had no vision for Perak, but the Umno-Baru frogs, did not notice.

Najib sold off chunks of Malaysian territory to the People’s Republic of China. Zambry did something similar in Perak. Land and state building have allegedly been sold to cronies. We want job creation, we want to empower out youth, we do not want a cheap sale of Perak’s assets.

Today, the reps and Aduns from Umno-Baru want to join Bersatu. The frogs will bide their time, and create future problems for Harapan.

They will infect the current PH with their corrupt practices, and the people will soon reject Harapan.

The Umno-Baru frogs will hinder the efforts to reverse the thefts and mismanagement that have taken place in Perak.

We did not elect Umno-Baru MPs and ADUNS by proxy.

The Umno-Baru MPs just want to jump to the winning party. They have no loyalty to Umno-Baru, or to the people of Perak, and certainly none to Pakatan Harapan.

They are just self serving because they know that Umno-Baru is dead and unelectable.

Perhaps, they should all be sacked, and a new state election held for Perak.

Live up to your name Pakatan Harapan. Do not betray the rakyat.

(Update: The day after this video was first made, the Perak MB rejected the application of the ADUN for Behrang, Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi, to join Bersatu.

He claimed that he was NOT aware the frog ADUN was in the crowd. Come on lah Mr MB. I saw the two video clips. The frog was sitting next to you, bar one. If you could not recognise him, then either you were not paying attention in 2009, when all of Perak was held to a virtual ransom and standstill,  by the three frogs. Or you have bad recall of faces. And your adviser, needs to be sacked.



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  • Ipoh mali says:

    Teman org Perak and you too Mariam! Hope you can keep monitoring and blast politicians who have along the way contribute and involved in the collapse of the Perak economy. Let’s go way back to Ramli Ngah Talib era to this dumno puppet MB. Failure of MAPS and other things.
    Most malay people I know in Perak are happy with Zambry but I kept telling them their benchmark is too low as they only have live in Perak to know better.
    Let’s bring back the glory and help spread the awareness that we can achieve the economy of yesteryear. Perak deserve a full duty free status for Pangkor and improve better tourism and economy. Let’s not allow the gov to pacify the youth only by giving and organising some lousy pesta muda mudi rempit at some dataran. Dadah is in fact Perak no 1 enemy. I gave up long time ago but I see there’s hope to change now. We need to seize this reform agenda and compete with other states. Let’s not laugh and nod when our friends say Perak is a sleepy state.

  • 1Malaysian says:

    Change the mb. We dont want his cronies. Dont give stupid excuses like the previous group. UBAH means totally UBAH !!! Dont try to cheat we RAKYAT AGAIN , ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! UBAH UBAH UBAH

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