MCA & MIC: You must leave BN if you have any dignity.

P Ramakrishnan says, “MCA and MIC were never equal partners in the BN coalition. It was an Umno-dominated coalition and what Umno said went. Nobody dared to disagree with or oppose Umno.”

“Knowing when to walk away is wisdom. Being able to, is courage. Walking away with your head held high, is dignity.”

MCA and MIC have been thoroughly and insensitively insulted and humiliated by an Umno leader and former cabinet minister and the present secretary-general of Barisan Nasional. The person concerned is none other than the loose cannon Nazri Abdul Aziz.

Any self-respecting person will not stomach this insult or endure this humiliation. Only shameless people will not react angrily to this indignity.

When MCA and MIC finally got together to address this painful issue and take a common joint stand to oppose the disrespect shown to them, people were of the view that the matter had reached breaking point.

These two remaining parties even stated that if Nazri were to attend the BN meeting, they would boycott that meeting. These are bold words and a brave decision to take.

Let’s look at the facts.

On 25 February, Nazri was quoted as having said:“MCA should just leave Barisan Nasional (BN) like other former component parties,” Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz said.

Nazri, who is also BN secretary-general, said MCA should follow the footsteps of previous BN component parties like Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia and several Sarawak-based parties if they did not like BN.Then. to drive home his point, he put it bluntly: “To me if they want to leave, just leave lah.”

Nazri was so dismissive of the MCA as if they did not count at all and that their presence in the BN was not necessary.

On 4 March, Nazri took on both the MCA and MIC after both parties met and came out with a common statement claiming that they were “moving on” and exploring a “new alliance” following Umno’s silence on racial remarks by Nazri and other Umno leaders.

Nazri shot back at MCA and MIC – who accused him of undermining the coalition’s multiracial make-up – saying the two parties should “go ahead and leave”.

“Go ahead, walk the talk. Don’t just talk,” Nazri told FMT when asked to respond to a joint statement by Wee KaSiong and S.A.Vigneswaran, the presidents of MCA and MIC respectively, who said they were now exploring “a new alliance”.

Nazri said Umno too was looking to form a new alliance with PAS.“We want a permanent alliance with PAS to face GE15,” he added.

He simply ignored the claim by MCA and MIC that Nazri’s appointment as the BN secretary-general was “illegal”.

He emphasized, “It is not the MCA or MIC which has the power to appoint the BN secretary-general, but the BN chairman.”

He denied making racial remarks as charged by Wee Ka Siong and S.A.Vigneswaran.“Wee or Vigneswaran are either blind or deaf because I have already denied, either that or they are stupid.”

How more insulting can one get?

Nazri had made it clear that MCA and MIC can quit the BN and that Umno has PAS as their partner. He even mocked them that they cannot survive without Umno.

There is no indication that Umno had repudiated Nazri’s atrocious  and demeaning claims. That being the case, should MCA and MIC even attend the proposed BN meeting with or without Nazri’s presence?

Realistically speaking, their presence in the BN is irrelevant. Their fortunes, unfortunately,  are unlikely to change to their favour at this point in time. So what is the point in sticking around?

The component parties did not wield any clout within the BN. They were never equal partners in the BN coalition. It was an Umno-dominated coalition and what Umno said went. Nobody dared to disagree with or oppose Umno.

By staying on, MCA and MIC would perpetuate the false façade that the BN is a multi-ethnic entity which it is not. Instead of being part of that farce, they should walk out and expose the fact that Umno is nothing but a racial party. Without them, there will be no BN and without BN there will not be a party claiming to represent all Malaysians.

It is said that “No relationship is ever worth sacrificing your dignity or self respect for.”

This stand might well mean the end of MCA and MIC. But it is worth remembering, “Death with dignity is better than life with humiliation.”

(The views expressed are those of the contributor)


P Ramakrishnan is the long-serving former president of Aliran who served three and a half decades on its executive committee, and has been with Aliran since its inception in 1977. Now an ordinary Aliran member, he continues to highlight issues of public interest to a larger audience.

8 March 2019.





  • Fakta GE15 says:

    Well said. MCA & MIC should leave BN and regroup & strategized so that they can better represent the Non Muslims and champion the Bangsa Malysia that is multicultural since its inception.

    By kow towing to the racist UMNO & its pending marriage with a penjual agama & penipu (PAS PIS PUS), MCA & MIC lost all credibility to the rakyat. You will get ZERO votes if you stay with BN in GE15. Break free & people who reminisce the good old days might give you some votes!

    Fight for a new platform as the 3rd force, you can also replace some of the under performers in Harapan!

    Do nothing, GET Nothing. Facts!!!

  • Hang Kasturi says:

    Alamak, another case of small Malaysian mind trying to rationalise the current political situation. What is there to leave the BN when you are reduced to one member only i.e. Ayer Hitam, and even then he won by 304 votes or thereabout. These two eunuch parties are even lucky the racist and Islamist parties have not turfed them out. Please lah, analyse the situation in accordance with facts and reality, not some imagine ideals about dignity and pride. There aren’t any. Jangan cakap besar kalau tak bolih lakukan sendiri. As for MIC, I am not too familiar how many seats they won but they always are and always will be bending with the wind of UMNO. They are a party of expediency and hence are derided by their own constituents. MCA and its members had always been despised by the Chinese component of Malaysia. The Hokkien had a saying, “bo lam par” which politely translated, emasculated. The GE14 showed that 97 per cent of the Chinese constituents voted for PH where as 60 to 70 per cent of the Indian constituents voted for PH. So a sizable of the Indian constituents voted for BN. These figures are from the Berjaya Center. The wise saying of beggars cannot be chosers best described the state of these two eunuch parties. They just pretend they are berani issuing ultimatum when for sixty one years they are just doormat for UMNO. If they are smart, which they are not, they should put the sword to UMNO and PAS and make them an irrelevancy and a footnote in history. When I was writing my thesis on consociationalism in Malaysia, it dawned on me from my research that the only way the opposition can win is to break the mould or political paradigm set up by Barisan Nasional, that is not to form parties along racial or ethnic divide. They are set up along racial cleavage but any parties opposing them will always be tarnished as favouring a specific race party hence they equate DAP with the Chinese and therefore to do with everything evil. They conflate the issue of bringing them to account as attacking Malay rights, Islam and sometimes an attack on the hereditary rulers. Issues such as not accepting honorary titles as a rebuke of the hereditary rulers when it is an open secret that these titles are conferred by paying a sum to the royal family of the specific states. There is no pride or dignity to be had by these two eunuch parties. MCA has been reduced to what the political scientist at the University of Tasmania called a service organisation dealing with scammers and loan sharks. Maybe they will be better off as they are performing the role of the kongsi or association as eluded to in their appellation. To the Chinese diaspora, fear not as the hatred exhibited only showed the lack of ability to compete by those practising it.

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