MEMO to Muhyiddin. Our frontline healthcare workers are exposed to higher doses of Coronavirus. Have they all been tested? They deserve the highest priority for testing. Are all of them equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)? If not, why not?

Frontline healthcare workers are exposed to higher doses of the Coronavirus. They face greater risks and they must be kept safe.

We do not want them to catch Coronavirus and spread it to patients or their families.

If they develop symptoms, they cannot self-isolate for 14 days. This would overstretch the health services.

The tests should be prioritised for health workers.

If the health workers are tested and do not have the virus, then they will be able to return to work in two to three days rather than two weeks.


(1) Are the front line health workers being tested for Coronavirus?

(2) Have the front line health workers access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face masks, gowns, visors?

(3) How many tests are being conducted on a daily basis for the frontline health workers?

(4) How many tests have already been done?

(5) Are there enough hospital beds and ventilators in hospitals, when the Coronavirus cases spike?

Theft in our hospitals

If you see irresponsible, selfish and reckless Malaysians, stealing hand sanitising gels from hospital, please stop them or better still, report them to the security guards

The hospital staff and patients should not have to deal with this disgusting selfish behaviour.

Rebuilding Malaysia

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