MEMO to Hishammuddin. You ask the tabligh returnees to self-isolate. Why should they listen to you? They defied the ban on attending religious festivals. They will ignore you and infect others. You must forcibly quarantine them. Don’t take risks.

The Malaysians who ignored the government ban to attend religious events are selfish idiots.

Another tabligh event was to have taken place in Indonesia. Thousands of Muslim pilgrims descended on the township of Gowam, near the city of Makassar, in South Sulawesi province.

A Malaysian Embassy spokesman, in Jakarta, said that Malaysians who were at the gathering, had ignored an order prohibiting their participation.

The participants are highly likely to spread the Coronavirus.

Public outrage forced the organisers of Ijtima Asia, part of the global Tablighi Jama’at movement of evangelical Muslims, to postpone the event.

Hishammuddin is naive

The returnees wilfully ignored the ban on tabligh events, and they are unlikely to respect the directive to self-quarantine.

At tabligh events, several men eat from one large platter, sleep beside one another  in a tent or hall, and perform their ablutions together. They are in close contact with one another for days on end.

One sneeze from an infected person has a high risk of contaminating others. The virus is carried in the form of minute droplets.

The incubation period for Coronavirus is between 2 and 14 days. During this period, they may NOT exhibit any symptoms.

This is the dangerous period, when people think that they do not have the disease. It is only when they return home, that the symptoms which include a fever, runny nose, cough and aching joints, appear.

People who were cured of the disease said that some of them felt better, before their condition worsened, and they developed pneunomia and intense headaches.

Strict Supervision & quarantine in a proper facility

  1. The Malaysians who return after the tabligh event which was postponed, should be strictly supervised.
  2. They should be transported in a specially chartered plane to prevent any cross contamination with other people.
  3. If they show signs of contamination before they travel to Malaysia, they should be treated in Indonesia and only travel home after they recover.
  4. Once they land, they should be transported in a specially commissioned bus to the facility or hospital wing, and placed under quarantine for two weeks.
    The bus driver and his assistants must wear personal protective equipment.
  5. The returnees should stay in this special isolation ward, or facility, for 14 days, to see if they develop Coronavirus.
  6. They should only be allowed home, if they show no signs of the disease.

Hishammuddin must be firm and NOT behave like he did with the Sulu warriors who invaded Lahad Datu. At the time, he claimed that they were only old men who had landed on the beach for a picnic. Daft git!

If these tabligh returnees are carriers of the disease, they may infect more people on their return.

This extra burden will strain our medical facilities and staff.

These returnees claim that they fear God, more than the virus. but they are nothing more than selfish idiots, who have put the lives of others at risk. Islam does not condone such behaviour.

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  • Concerned Mom from Selangor says:

    Not to mention those happened to travel in the same bus, train or flight with the attendees who happened to be infected without knowing. How far the virus has stretched its hand is unimaginable. We are running out of time, sterner action is desperately needed.

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    Some are just ta blight to humanity…

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