Merdeka 2020: From the frying pan into the fire. The new colonizers (penjajah) are Umno/Umno-Baru/PASUmno/PN… all carry the Umno-Baru DNA. Let’s try for a Second Merdeka.

On the eve of Merdeka Day, it is time we make plans for a second Merdeka and get rid of the home-grown colonizers…Umno-Baru/PAS/PN.

First, we focus on the quality of Malaysian ministers. Then work on getting Malaysians with principle and integrity.

On 31 August 1957 we gained our independence from Britain, but now, the new colonizers are Umno. Umno has many faces. The original Umno, Umno-Baru (1988), Umno-Baru/PAS and now PN.

In 1957, the people were united against the British.

By 2020, Umno-Baru politicians, PAS, PN, with the help of some muftis, use race and religion to divide us.

In pre-Merdeka days, the nation’s wealth from rubber and tin, helped to develop Great Britain. Sadly, in 2020, Umno-Baru/PAS/PN ministers steal the rakyat’s money for personal gain.

Here is how Malaysian ministers perform their duties and handle their responsibilities.

1. Breaking the law.
The Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities, Khairuddin Aman Razali, failed to comply with a 14-day quarantine order. He has refused to resign.

If he can break the rules, then the government need not make nor enforce the quarantine laws. The authorities should return the money from the people who were fined for ignoring the Coronavirus quarantine. Those who were jailed for quarantine violations, should be freed and compensated for their lock-up ordeal.

If Khairuddin does not want to resign, Muhyiddin Yassin should sack him. We have too many past and present ministers, who have no shame about breaking the law.

2. Lying
A mother who steals a can of powdered milk because her child was hungry, will be imprisoned. But the felon, Najib Abdul Razak, is free even though he has been accused of stealing hundreds of millions of the rakyat’s money.

In the SRC International trial, Najib said that he did not know RM42 million of 1MDB money had been deposited into his personal account.

After the judge sentenced him, Najib made a U-turn. and acknowledged that SRC International money had been donated to a charity, for orphans.

Sharing stolen and illicit money with the orphans is wrong and sinful.

Najib’s supporters who claim that there is no evidence that he stole 1MDB should read news reports about raids into his six properties.

We should feel sorry for the makcik who donated jewelry to the Najib Fund (for his bail). She was not aware that Najib contributes to the Rosmah fund.

3. Lack of responsibility

The government money loaned to the husband of the former Women Minister, Syahrizat Abdul Jalil, should have been used to implement the cattle breeding project in the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC). Instead it was spent on luxury condominiums and luxury car purchases, and for going on the umrah (mini pilgrimage).

If one steals a can of cow’s milk, one will be jailed. Malaysians minsiters escape scot-free.

4. Stealing

Umno-Baru people are difficult to educate. Some claim that lying and violating laws are fine. Why do Malay leaders and members of academia remain silent? Are they scared or do they not care?

No wonder people like Zahid Hamidi feel that they are above the law.

5. Abuse of power.

A few years ago, Rosmah Mansor was filmed boarding a private jet to Turkey. What was in the dozens of bags which she spirited out of the country?

Anyone who tries to use a governmen jet will be told “No!”

In western countries, wives and families do not take advantage and use the allocation for ministers, except when making official visits.

6. The suffering of the people

In December 2014, Kelantan was hit by severe floods, but Najib was more concerned about his game of golf with President Obama.

When Penang was flooded, the education minister, on a visit to schools, refused to in the water so as to stop his shoes getting muddy. Compare our minister’s attitude with the Sultan of Brunei, on a visit to flooded areas in his country.

7. Escape
Ministers involved in controversy, like Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, or Shahidan Kassim, fear facing the police, the courts and the public. They often run away to , to wash away their sins. In reality, they are afraid of being prosecuted or charged.

8. Showing off their piety

Ministers don’t just flee to Mecca. They work hard are convincing the people of their religious credentials, with the robes, their tudung, the skull cap, the Koran, the abuse of the sumpah laknat and more.

9. Falling ill, to avoid prosecution

The ministers includling Rosmah, Najib, and Shahidan Kassim (complete with their wheelchair) and Musa Aman on the hospital stretcher, make good actors. If they tire of being a ministers (or his wife) they can find a job in Bollywood.

10. Refusing to answer reporters’ questions

Malaysians Ministers, for example Najib, are afraid to answer difficult questions from journalists, especially foreign journalists. Questions like 1MDB, the murder of Altantuya Shaaribuu or misappropriation of people’s money.

There are three ways ministers avoid answering questions.

Zahid likes to threaten journalists with imprisonment for sedition.
Najib likes to deport foreign journalists.
When he refuses to answer, he simply walks out.

Among the ministers in Umno-Baru / PAS, many are allegedly thieves, liars, corrupt, rule breakers, and irresponsible.

Most ministers are Malay, and their behavior has probably given rise to mat rempits, the unemployed, drug addicts, high divorce cases, and an increase in single mothers.

The Malay saying “Bapa borek, anak rintik” ( like father like son) describes the nation’s ministers and the rakyat. If the Ministers are irresponsible, rude, ill mannered and disrespectful, people who have no principle will emulate their behaviour.

It is not fair nor right, to have two sets of laws in Malaysia; one for ministers and the elite, whilst the other is for us.

Many Malays cannot handle and manage power and money. They become arrogant and greed. So, where is the Malay dignity that our leaders often speak of?

After 63 years of Merdeka, the people are still suffering.

If appears that we have jumped out of the crocodile’s mouth, into the fire. Or as the Malay saying goes, “From the crocodile’s mouth, straight into the tiger’s mouth”.

In GE-15 or any by-election, please vote for a person with principle.

Happy Merdeka!

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • mgeo says:

    By far the most common way a official tackles an inconvenient question is to digress or be tangential. Even in Parliament or an FAQ list, almost every answer evades the specific explanation sought. It helps to have a colluding mediator or subverted propaganda industry. This applies in every “democratic” “free-market” country, and even in academia.

  • isaloo says:

    The blue trash
    It still sings high
    By the hard core
    They can’t see the wrong

    The blue convict
    Still brings in the crowd
    The blue trash
    It says it never dies

    Until the orange suit shows
    The hard core will finally realize
    It isn’t a lie but the truth
    They have to see the light

    The blue trash
    The dust in the air
    The bad image to share
    It never brings home the joy

    Now they can sing
    The bad trash on stage
    Until they are booted out
    The blue trash of our times

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