Merry Christmas, JAKIM! What happened to your Christmas spirit?

When JAKIM said that cakes should not be iced with the words “Merry Christmas” , I donned my apron and chef’s hat and baked my bûche de Noël to show solidarity with my fellow Malaysians.

I suppose, JAKIM will now certify my kitchen as non-halal… dapur haram.

Ebenezer Scrooge lives on in Malaysia. Take your pick from JAKIM and the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri.

Zulkifli said that festival greetings are allowed on a product if its purpose is not for display in halal-certified premises.

Meanwhile, JAKIM banned halal-certified bakeries from displaying cakes with “Merry Christmas” on the icing, but the ‘politically coward’ (PC) “Happy Holidays” is allowed.

Why are they afraid of the two words, “Merry Christmas”?

Will the cake suddenly become non-halal if the icing says Merry Christmas? Will the Malay employee icing the cake suddenly become Christian?

For a few decades, Malaysian Muslims were told that they cannot wish their Christian friends Merry Christmas, and all this while, I thought we were a multiracial nation.

This is the influence of that Indian fugitive who was given islands in Trengganu to make him feel welcome in Malaysia. He is a massive dangerous problem, and our authorities are afraid to deport him but they do not mind his extremism corrupting our Malaysian minds.

Apa hal bodoh nya?

The latest worrying thing is the response of Malay Muslims in Malaysia’s latest scandal – the meat cartel expose.

We were sold kangaroo meat, horse meat, and beef, some of which were from diseased animals and all came from questionable sources.

Incredibly, some Malays were more concerned about the halal status of the meat.

Malays could have been consuming beef which had been infected with “Mad Cow” disease. Instead, they were most worried about the halal certification – the label which JAKIM issues, which declares the meat to be halal.

Being intellectually challenged is the result of the Saudi import of “Wassabi” ideology and our home manufactured dodgy education system. The combined effect of this is more dangerous than Mad Cow disease.

At least four government agencies were involved in the halal certification scandal, but our leaderless and weak government is afraid to make a stand against corruption.

Doing a proper investigation will mean that their buddies will be punished with jail and a hefty fine, their families will be shamed and their ill-gotten gains confiscated. The Malays do not want to be seen as corrupt. It would not look good especially as they call themselves the Supreme Race.

Then, a few days ago, some idiot tells us that JAKIM should have more officers to man the department. How stupid is that? Instead of getting to the heart of the matter, this suggestion may corrupt more people.

JAKIM should be shut down. Not increase its manpower.

Mr Religious Affairs Minister is a cleric who is a wannabe politician. He and politicians who are wannabe clerics, should not be allowed in government

Religion in Malaysia needs a massive overhaul and a mental revolution.

I only have two questions.

  1. When will the authorities close JAKIM?
  2. How halal is JAKIM?

    No wonder Hadi Awang of PAS, Umno-Baru/PAS/Bersatu Malay/Muslim government leaders and the ulamas refuse to tell Malays that corruption is bad.

    The meat cartel expose has shown that some politicians’ fingers are deep in every corrupt pie.

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Jenni Masell says:

    Hello my friend! I want to say that this article is awesome, nice written and include approximately all significant infos. I’d like to see more posts like this.

  • Peter John Jaban says:

    Well said and we’ll written Mariam.
    Cheers from me.
    Papa orang utan

  • Austin says:

    I wonder where this country is heading . Are they not worried that their own are cheating them lying to them stealing from them even from the pilgrim fund which the poor work hard to safe to fulfill their obligation before death. Wonder why their are keeping mum.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “… their own are cheating them”

      It is even worse those that are not “their own”, there are many Chinese and Indians in league with some Malays, helping them to rob the Malays – and the nation.

      Such Chinese and Indian criminals and crimes are not more divine than Malay ones.

  • Ada says:

    good info

  • Jason says:

    Good sharing with us.

  • double tree says:

    This cartel selling haram meat must be investigated by the police. Instead they are to be investigated by a RCI. Another attempt at sweeping all our crimes under the carpet. Why do Malays allow this to happen. Not once, but so many times. Is corruption halal in Malaysia? We have sunk to depths unthinkable before. Yet the bottom is not reached yet.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “Why do Malays allow this to happen.”

      Why is it only the “Malays” who should be concerned?

      Why can’t the Chinese, Indians, etc rise up in indignation/righteous fit for the Malays than make whimpers from a safe distance?

  • Chng says:

    Every time when I feel sad that Malaysia is going south, names like Mariam Mokhtar and Siti Kassim remind me that there are Muslims who are inclusive and true to their religion to spread love.
    Syabas, Mariam for standing up to your believes and your support for “Merry Christmas”.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      ” that there are Muslims who are inclusive and true to their religion to spread love”

      Son, you are talking through your kah Chng, and confusing yourself with Christianity or whatever luvvie crap, there’s nothing in Islam that calls to “spread love” to the “unbelievers” and kafirs.

      In fact, the destruction of other beliefs are called for, on one fine day even the rocks and trees would scream out those kafirs (yes, Christians, Jews…) hiding behind them.

      Yes, it would be death to the kafirs, mate !

      Old Hannah may ooze “love… peace… mankind…” and dresses the part to be wan with the sisters and all, but a true Muslim would not be confused – it is very clearly: shaft the “unbelievers” and “kafirs”, they are NOT Muslims, full stop!

      However much old Hannah etc in the “evangelical” DAP may wan to delude themselves and patronise Muslims, no true “believers” would actually be hard up to drown in Christian “goodness”, best cut out the hypocrisy and fraud, quit being such fakes in tudung and hijab condescending on those too polite to say to you Mariam’s anak by “virgin birth” is bullshit, so is his crucifixion, so is especially the wild cock and bull, the big laughable bollox, “the Trinity”..!

      Btw, kosher is not halal, don’t get that one wrong, either…

      So “spread love”, yer holy kah Chng!

      Alhamdulilah and Ameen to you too..!

  • Dennis Pestana says:

    Mariam ,you are great.We need more people like you.Keep up your good work.

  • Luke Ling says:

    We have the highest respect for you, Mariam Mokhtar. You speak without fear or favour. You have the intelligence to discern the danger of bigotry, narrow-mindedness, racism and intolerance among the rakyat. You dare to speak out against corruption, theft and malfeasance by our ministers and government officials. We hope more Malaysians will be enlightened and inspired to fight against the corrupt regime and work together to build unity among all the races and bring progress to our country.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “You have the intelligence…”

      Meanz you are not a “stupid Malay”, Old Girl!

      Meanz those with the “intelligence” to spot your “intelligence” can sit back, fold their arms and leave everything in the hands of errmm, as usual, the Malay maid…


    I always like to read MM articles … very liberal thinking … progressive … outspoken … courageous to speak out … syabas MM.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “I always like to read MM articles”

      Would be blooming marvellous if we all can give active support, take real and constructive action backing Mariam.

      Clapping Mariam on the back may be nice but can also be patronising if that’s all the kiasu little we can do for her.

  • Vincent Wong says:

    MM, Malaysia needs more Muslims/Malays like you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “more Muslims/Malays like you”

      We also need more Chinese, Indians, etc, who are like “Muslims/Malays” like Mariam.

  • Thiagarajah sathasivam says:

    Doesn’t the meat buying come under the veterinary dept. Food and drugs authorities

  • TH Chua says:

    Good time to remind Malaysia belongs to all Malaysians, not just a group of holy-than-thous you know what.

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    Mon Dieu !

    No sooner than yule logged out of this article than this happened to the wayward believer…

    “Outrage in France as Muslim son of police officers roughed up for ‘un-Islamic’ behavior after he attended Christmas party”

    It’s France, they did an ISIS on Marie Antoinette’s head – but yet there wasn’t a “Let them eat cakes” for those tolerant enough to party with those of the people of the Book!

    Won’t be all that long the yoof of today’s France free themselves of their stifling restrictions, I’d bet it would be the women who would take the lead!

  • Ho Guan Keng says:

    That explained why only this meat is call daging. Go to any malay warung, mamak shop or even raw meat shop to ask what meat is that. They will say kari ayam, kari kambing, kari ikan, kari dhall, but never kari lembu or kari kerbau!!! It is forbidden and always kari daging or sup daging.
    Kari daging apa? You ask again. Still the refusal to mention kuda, kangaroo, arnab, lembu, kerbau….they will look at you like an insane person and repeat “Daging”. Kari daging!!! Kurmah daging! Louder this time.
    Most Chinese &Indian are forbidden to eat dating lembu…sadly the same spoon used to stir beef curry is used to serve other food to us. Or even secrets added beef curry into our meal like the Penang Nasi Kandar!!!

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “Most Chinese &Indian are forbidden to eat dating lembu”

      I don’t know about Indians, I’ve never been one, but it is sheer nonsense “Most Chinese… are forbidden to eat dating lembu”

      Where is there any ruling about that that any, perhaps “religious” or superstitious, or health, or udder reasons the Chinese should give a damn about?

  • Aaron says:

    I never miss an article from MM who is light years ahead of some counterfeit religious leaders, in terms of IQ and knowledge.
    Need to clone more of MM to populate this nation. But hang on, is it halal? Hmm…

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “MM who is light years ahead of some counterfeit religious leaders, in terms of IQ and knowledge”

      “IQ” doesn’t mean anything, really, but is there any call to measure Mariam against any “counterfeit religious leader”?

  • Daniel says:

    Will be most happy for you to be our next PM


    You are brave

  • Lim Ann Hock says:

    Dear Mariam,

    Thank God for intelligent Malay like you. I hope your comments on current issue can nailed into the head of current government and most importantly the Malay.

    I begin to see hope for this beloved nation as I read more on your writing.

    Keep it up and Merry Christmas to you and your families.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “Thank God for intelligent Malay like you….. most importantly the Malay”

      I take that to mean a Chinese should assess what an “intelligent Malay” is…

      … and determine what should be to “most importantly the Malay”…

      So with you, Mariam Mokhtar, approved and passed as fit for the Malay race, there is hope yet for Malaysia.

      Maybe, Mariam, you should talk about the other races, those that meet your approval… those “intelligent” that are not waiting with arms folded or with hands in pockets tickling their manhood, waiting for the Malays to one day approach “intelligence… civilisation… and get up on the ladder of evolution”..?

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    My Dear Sister, Ain’t there verses in the better than the Good Book that call for the violent subjugation of the unbelievers – which include the Christians and those according to Mohammad the Mahathir have “hooked noses”?

    The subjugation includes the petty and pathetic humiliation of the “enemies” of the wan true religion in which the extortion of protection money from the filthy hands of the “lesser” beings through the mafia Ah Long racket of jizya collection, is a mighty fine practice. Those who do not pay up can be slaughtered or told to balik their just desert.

    If Uncle here rightly interprets the utterings of an illiterate who was not particularly versed in his own language and let his scribes write for him wtf he couldn’t read, then one shouldn’t be talking ’bout baking, fer Christ’s sake.

    Christmas is not the Way of the Sword, while the good books of “the people of the Book” should be respected, it does not extend to making friends with them no matter how hard or how hard up Hannah Yeoh wants to be chummy with those *ssh*les the Lim Lynasty desperately want to smooch.

    Munafiq and thick as most of our kampong garden variety preachers may be – some are sex perverts, most are sexually-starved, and even sexually-warped or depraved, there is no call or calling to deprive those kampong idiots of their love to flaunt their power and strut their imaginary aura of “holiness… piety…” and whatever those Satan-possessed camel poo may secrete…

    So I say, go forth and bake as many logs as thy can, let them eat cakes, woman power and all that, Praise Be, Bless yer Soul, where can Malaysia and the wan true faith be without our women..?!

    In other words, Fcuk them munafiq – some of the worst creatures there are in the perversion and distortion of any religion, go do whatever you like, carry the cross if you must, I’ll pray for you, Alhamdulilah… and all that… Bless you more if you use real cream rather than that jizzy stuff Malaysians put in their “cakes” Yuck!

    Lest some of you may think I am some heretic or someone wonderful like that, I’ve been following the loving discussions on YouTube between that Yasir Qadhi and those detractors of the fat little fella, both the followers and Christians and atheists alike.

    The haloed subject is the “holes in the standard narrative” and the some Heinz 37 flavours of the “one true” 37 books… Well, I very much doubt there would be any among Malaysians capable of tackling such heavy subjects, ashrafs, qira’ats and all that… Better stick to brands of luxury cars, especially those German numbers… Ameen..!

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