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Merry Christmas, JAKIM! What happened to your Christmas spirit?

When JAKIM said that cakes should not be iced with the words “Merry Christmas” , I donned my apron and chef’s hat and baked my bûche de Noël to show solidarity with my fellow Malaysians.

I suppose, JAKIM will now certify my kitchen as non-halal… dapur haram.

Ebenezer Scrooge lives on in Malaysia. Take your pick from JAKIM and the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri.

Zulkifli said that festival greetings are allowed on a product if its purpose is not for display in halal-certified premises.

Meanwhile, JAKIM banned halal-certified bakeries from displaying cakes with “Merry Christmas” on the icing, but the ‘politically coward’ (PC) “Happy Holidays” is allowed.

Why are they afraid of the two words, “Merry Christmas”?

Will the cake suddenly become non-halal if the icing says Merry Christmas? Will the Malay employee icing the cake suddenly become Christian?

For a few decades, Malaysian Muslims were told that they cannot wish their Christian friends Merry Christmas, and all this while, I thought we were a multiracial nation.

This is the influence of that Indian fugitive who was given islands in Trengganu to make him feel welcome in Malaysia. He is a massive dangerous problem, and our authorities are afraid to deport him but they do not mind his extremism corrupting our Malaysian minds.

Apa hal bodoh nya?

The latest worrying thing is the response of Malay Muslims in Malaysia’s latest scandal – the meat cartel expose.

We were sold kangaroo meat, horse meat, and beef, some of which were from diseased animals and all came from questionable sources.

Incredibly, some Malays were more concerned about the halal status of the meat.

Malays could have been consuming beef which had been infected with “Mad Cow” disease. Instead, they were most worried about the halal certification – the label which JAKIM issues, which declares the meat to be halal.

Being intellectually challenged is the result of the Saudi import of “Wassabi” ideology and our home manufactured dodgy education system. The combined effect of this is more dangerous than Mad Cow disease.

At least four government agencies were involved in the halal certification scandal, but our leaderless and weak government is afraid to make a stand against corruption.

Doing a proper investigation will mean that their buddies will be punished with jail and a hefty fine, their families will be shamed and their ill-gotten gains confiscated. The Malays do not want to be seen as corrupt. It would not look good especially as they call themselves the Supreme Race.

Then, a few days ago, some idiot tells us that JAKIM should have more officers to man the department. How stupid is that? Instead of getting to the heart of the matter, this suggestion may corrupt more people.

JAKIM should be shut down. Not increase its manpower.

Mr Religious Affairs Minister is a cleric who is a wannabe politician. He and politicians who are wannabe clerics, should not be allowed in government

Religion in Malaysia needs a massive overhaul and a mental revolution.

I only have two questions.

  1. When will the authorities close JAKIM?
  2. How halal is JAKIM?

    No wonder Hadi Awang of PAS, Umno-Baru/PAS/Bersatu Malay/Muslim government leaders and the ulamas refuse to tell Malays that corruption is bad.

    The meat cartel expose has shown that some politicians’ fingers are deep in every corrupt pie.

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