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Minister Wee Ka Siong. Resign now! Your position is untenable.

On 25 May, the day after the LRT crash, we had a fine example of dolts running our main services and ministries.

This is what Minister Wee told us, hours after the LRT crash

First. The best outcome of the crash was the swift removal of the clueless and imbecilic former Prasarana chairman, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman. He joked about the incident and likened the crash to two trains kissing one another. He claimed that the situation was normal.

One young girl was basically scalped and almost lost the vision in one eye. Another man remained unconscious ten days after the crash.

2. Second. Minister Wee Ka Siong who visited the crash site on the night of the accident blamed the driver of the empty train for being negligent.

After being hounded on social media, his tone changed and he said that “all factors would be considered.”

Today, in an excerpt from a news report by Malaysiakini, Minister Wee had briefed the Cabinet yesterday and he said,

“To reiterate, the findings of the investigation committee’s report aim to introduce systemic changes that will prevent similar future incidents and to repair confidence in the public transport services.

“It is not to apportion blame nor liability on any party.”

Whoa Minister.! Hang on….Last time you said it was human error and and a negligent train driver.

As transport minister, you are clueless.,…as clueless as Tajuddin.

Today, you said that some things were overlooked and critical procedures were missed.

As transport minister, you must take responsibility and resign.

Like aeroplanes, automated trains have someone watching the screens at headquarters/central command centre. What happened to these warning devices? Was the technician on yet another coffee break? Was he asleep?

Remember the air traffic controller supervisor who was asleep when MH370 was spotted on radar but the air-traffic controller was segan (reluctant…..if you ask me, he is more stupid than segan…) to wake up his supervisor. He was afraid of being scolded by his boss. So, Minister Wee, please tell us if anyone was punished for that fiasco at air traffic control!

Fast forward to May 2021 and Minister Wee’s spin about instilling confidence in the public transport is nauseating

We have NO confidence in our ministers and if we have to clean up the nation, the first thing to do is to bin the Cabinet of deadwood, self-serving corrupt politicians, clueless dolts, gaji buta free-loaders and yes-men.

All that remains is for Minister Wee to resign!

Just go and go quickly!

At this point in time, I, and I am sure millions of Malaysians will agree… that we cannot entrust any minister or political appointee of a GLC to run a bath, never mind run the country, a GLC or the transport service.

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