Mirror Mirror On The Wall

By Multatuli Murtadi                 

Mirror mirror on the wall

I’m not blame-free after all

Let’s get straight to the point.

The Chinese and Indians must take their share of responsibility for the pickle they are in now. It’s so easy to blame the Malays for the situation they are in and play the innoccent victim; but you are not going to get away with it so easily.

Even at the Independence negotiations, rumour has it that within the MCA ranks were running dogs who did not, to put it mildly, properly represent the interests of the Chinese Community.

In the years when MCA and MIC shared power with UMNO in the Alliance Government and later in the Barisan National Government, at which time Gerakan which represented mainly a mixed Non-Malay constituency, were  key components of the BN Government,  your leaders lacked the courage  to stand up to UMNO. Many of them were also compromised by self interests. They were as corrupt as the UMNO leaders. They did not fight for the Chinese and Indians even as their rights were eroded year after year. They even saved Mahathir when UMNO wanted rid of him.

Ask yourself who put these Chinese and Indian leaders there? It is their own communities; despite the fact that they broke their promises election after election.Despite the fact that those who held ministerial posts performed poorly.

Basically MCA was a towkay party and MIC no better. Both did little to help the Ah Kows and Muthus of the B40.

Despite the fact that your leaders caved in to UMNO on almost all issues – education, granting of licences, Petronas, government service intake and promotions etc.

So blame yourself and not heap all the blame on the Malays for the state you are in. Get out of your comfort zone of blaming someone else. Take responsibility for your leaders’ failings because you put them there.

DAP’s embrace of the very person who has caused so much misery to the Chinese and Indians was an act of betrayal in GE14 to all their supporters who believed in the Malaysian Malaysia cause they fought for over 30 years. Still the Chinese and Indians supported DAP – many because there is no other credible choice or they accepted DAP leaders’ naïve belief that Mahathir has changed.

So I  don’t think the Chinese and Indians should belly ache now when we have an ALL Malay Government. You voted for leaders who lack moral courage and honesty. When the chance for a seat at the top table was offered, your leaders had no qualms about jettisoning the cause of Bangsa Malaysia  – yes they had it on the manifesto but as Mahathir admitted there was no intention of carrying out their election promises.

But leaving the politicians to one side for a moment, what about the ordinary Ah Kows and Muthus? You are an apathetic and pathetic lot.

You don’t take an interest in politics – except for a handful of you (still the same handful today).  Political activism is discouraged because it is “too dangerous”.

The Non-Malays are too busy cari makan  that they have no time to play their part for change. They moan about this and that but do little to help bring about the change they want.

Young Nons are advised to stay away from politics, keep their noses clean and to concentrate on their studies and after that to look for a job. And if they are able, to leave the country pronto.

Of course you will protest that many of you marched on Bersih 2 and actively canvassed at GE14. Hurrah!

But what about the decades before that? What about now – all I hear is “I am fed up”, “there is no use . . . they are all the same”,  “change will never happen” “better ask your children studying abroad not to come back”, “Malaysia is a terminal case”.  Negative, negative, negative.

And now when the going gets tougher (as the Malay ultras take absolute power) many are rushing for the exit gate. Parents are pushing their children to leave while they resigned themselves to live out their days reminiscing about the good old Malaya.

Since 1957 nearly 3 million Nons have left the country. The racial haemorrphaging is still going on.

The decline in your numbers make it harder for you to fight for your rights. Whispers of the Non’s lack of loyalty and commitment to their tanah air is loud – that you leave when you hear the thunder and are not ready to face the storm.

Oh, there will be a chorus of protests from the oldies who have given their blood and sweat to build this country. Thank you uncle! But I am talking about now – the present generation of nons, the millenniels. Do they have your spirit? But even so how many oldies have left when they were younger and now complain about how bad Malaysia is from the safety of distance.

Of course the excuse is that the country is beyond saving.  That the Malay conservatives and religionists have total control of the country and the situation is hopeless.

It is hopeless because you make it hopeless with your apathy and defeatism. It is your collective silence which has allowed the Malay extremists to have their way.It will get beyond hopeless if you don’t start playing an active part  in exercising your rights. No, I don’t expect you to spend all your time on political activism. You have to make a living, I know. But for a start stop being so negative, stop saying nothing can be done, that the Malays have it all sewn up.

I ask my Non-Malay brothers and sisters to stand with us to confront the racists and religious extremists that is pulling our country down. These people give the Malays a bad name by their corruption and abuse of power; by their incompetence and hypocrisy.

Decent Malays also want to get rid of them and we invite you to join us – as MALAYSIANS and not as Chinese, Indians or Malays.

Malays and Non-Malays have more in common than they realise. 

We all want a prosperous nation, we want jobs so we can feed our family. We want good education for our children. We want  better healthcare and better infrastructure so that villages do not go without pipe water and electricity. We want a clean and efficient government so that our money is not siphoned into the pockets of corrupt politicians and government officers – money which should be spent on us.

We want peace and harmony – our children to mix freely (as we once did), to respect each other’s culture and religion. We want Bangsa Malaysia with a  government which governs for ALL MALAYSIANS FAIRLY WITH NO RACIAL DISCRIMINATION.

All this we had only two generations ago – which is a very short time in any country’s history. How we were, we can be again.

The seed of muhibah is not dead. It just needs watering for it to germinate. We need to cut down the weeds to allow it to grow.

I believe Bangsa Malaysia is inevitable but the sooner the better before this lot turn us into a failed state – some say we already are.

My dear Chinese and Indian brothers and sisters, when you blame the Malays for the present mess, ask yourself what part you played in it. Take a long hard look in the mirror. Don’t wait for someone else to bell the cat.

Tell me you will stay and fight. “We Are Better together” as the Astro slogan goes.

(The views expressed are those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect the views of Rebuilding Malaysia.)

14 September 2021

Multatuli Murtadi,


Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Ck says:

    You write / share very good pieces of articles…
    Just tell us where to take actions! Who to join forces with to take actions.
    With so many betrayals & fakers, we r lost as to how to take actions.
    It’s not that the nons do not wanna take actions. With our dwindling numbers, there’s no impact if the bumis themselves are not fighting.
    Look at Bersih movements, what outcome? If Bersih is not the correct way, pls share when, where or how to save/rebuild Msia.

  • JK Asher says:



    Whilst trying to guilt the Chinese & Indians – Anak Malaysia*- into standing for Malaysia this article by Multatuli Murtadi is disingenuous.

    Its playing to the gallery by giving the Anak a tight but ‘loving’ slap. The type your spinster Aunty administers because your parents need to give you a message.
    *The word Nons for Chinese & Indians takes away our power. It would be like calling Bumis ‘Bums’.

    Let’s cut to the chase. You are inviting our children to step into the arena with Malays and together we will fight for a CLEAN FAIR Malaysia because WE have been part of the problem. This may sound true, have factual elements but falls short of TRUTH. More on this shortly…

    Thank you for the invitation but standing in UNITY for Righteousness is our Duty and a great honour.

    But first let’s address the stinking elephant in the room under UMNOs carpet of Malay Rights. Systemic racism !

    SYSTEMIC RACISM – a form of racism embedded through laws & regulations and policy leading to discrimination in criminal justice , employment, housing, health care, POLITICAL POWER and Education

    Systemic Racism is the biggest stumbling block to Malaysian unity.

    From the inception of the Malaysian nation with its ‘Lazy’ Malays , ‘Running Dog’ Chinese and the ‘Minum Bulldog’ Tamils -it has been three races.(The slurs are RACIST but since running dogs was referenced..)

    For the record Murtadi it’s disgraceful to have called our Founding Fathers running dogs. I cannot imagine Tan Siew Sin, Sambantan and Manikavasagam being anybodys lackey. It will impact negatively on the vulnerable Anak Malaysia (who trust Mariam Mokhtars platform ) but were not there at that time of Malaysia’s history.

    And how far do you want to go back?

    To Yap Ah Loy the founder of Kuala Lumpur…. that rankles does it not?! Let’s stop this and give Mahathir the TITLE of Father of Racism.

    It is UMNO that said NO to One People and ever since especially under the chief architect of Mahathir, first Race and then Religion have been deployed to decimate societal integration.

    Mahathir begat a half aborted deranged creature into our nation and the visible embodiment of this creature TODAY is what I will call Bumiputera Privilege.
    POLICY FAVORING ONE RACE is the WHY for Malaysia’s moral & political collapse and the real reason for the exodus of Anak Malaysia.
    I totally supported the NEP in its egalitarian intent, consciously rooted for the rise of the Malays and lived half a century defending those rights thus far…. BUT NO FURTHUR. I draw the line at the B40 which has no racial profiling.
    I will not enable the BUMIGEOISE OR UMNO by supporting the old scaffoldings of economic redress which have been WEAPONISED to fill the coffers of the UMNO elite.

    Systemic Racism with one of its pillars, Money, was utilised by Mahathir to lock in Lim Liong Sik and Sami Vellu the leaders of the Chinese & Indians who were given dibs in the banquet of I WANT TO BE A BILLIONAIRE TOO. Crumbs from the table were hoovered by family and cronies.

    I remember one of the two- either Mahathir or Samy Vellu putting some cake in the others mouth and the headlines was
    The Hand that feeds You!!!
    It was a subtle warning.

    Fear and intimidation have been the psychological shackles to keep the Anak in place.
    Spectre of May 13, Bapak Tunku crying on TV, Operation Lallang, the draconian ISA, DSAI incarcerated for sodomy, Keris waving by UMNO Youth, slur of Pendatang, Ketuanan and now the open strident warnings.

    WE ARE SCARED TO SPEAK UP because Bumi voices have never addressed or rebuked these threats.
    No Melayu has shut down this vitriol. Case in point was the obscene public treatment of undocumented migrants by PN in Malaysia in June 2020. (This would never have happened under Harappan). When NGOs and ordinary folk called out this racist behaviour there was umbridge. Malays were the most vocal to defend the maruah of an unelected Government. How dare we say Malaysia is racist !!!


    If Murtadi you want us Anak Malaysia to stand with the Malays- then the Bumigeoise who are no longer part of the middle class need to say;

    “ ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We do not need the NEP anymore. We like the Chinese & Indians bourgeoise can afford to get our children a designer car when they turn 18. So why would we want to hold onto this crutch?’

    (Personally I cannot see the entitled children of Malaysia’s privileged class standing for anyone and this cuts across ALL the races. As long as Papa can pay and Mummy kasi they will be Takers and Consumers. These snowflakes will not be able to stand the heat.)

    When there is a level playing field, then and only then can we stand as equals and rectify the implosion of a country we love so much.

    Have the Chinese and Indians, who I will keep calling Anak Malaysia- got away that easily??

    My brother Karam Singh Veriah a Member of Parliament & Activist was jailed under the ISA and put in solitary confinement when he fought for the rights of Tamil labourers. He never talked about it, but he slept with the lights on after that. He still had his law profession to turn to but when he questioned decisions made by the Judiciary, he was punished by having his pension stripped away. Resilient and unflinching Karam died without ever having taken a bribe.

    There is a huge price to pay in Malaysia to stand against corruption and dirty politics.

    The old card trick up the sleeve of accusing Anak Malaysia for going overseas for an education Ayooo lecheh lah! but I try to explain ok? Remember the Chinese boy who committed suicide after he was rejected from getting a place to further his studies despite having 9 distinctions?
    Need I say more….

    Systemic racism has impacted the Anak Malaysia greatly.

    I was 17 and had to sit for my Bahasa paper for the MCE ( O levels), when the spelling was changed overnight without giving any of us a chance to adjust.

    I remember sitting for my exam and they word CHAT( paint) had become CAT. For the life of me I didn’t know what I was reading. I barely scraped through my Bahasa paper even though I was a good student and had represented the school as a compere for the Malay cultural evening . Unfortunately my younger brother had to repeat his exam for the very same reason. After he failed yet again and he was from Victoria Institution he left to study abroad.

    This is Systemic racism because the system was changed to our disadvantage and had the Systemic political clout to mandate it. No Malay would have been failed based on his or her name on the register.

    When I returned from England with an MA I was at the end of my tether trying to secure a job. In desperation I called Bank Bumiputera to speak to the Head of Personnel pretending with a Mat Salleh slang that I was his English friend. His secretary took a message and when he called me back I apologized that I had to use a tricksy method to get to him. Tuan Syed Nik Aziz laughed his head off and gave me a place in the Bank but it took almost 1 year of being in cold storage before I was utilised in the Training Department to set up the English course which was a great success. Tuan Syed Nik Aziz’s faith in me was rewarded and I was not a NON. I was a blessing – I gave back.

    At the Bank I heard the word KULITification for the first time. A Chinese officer who had posts overseas shared his angst on being bypassed because of the skin off his colour. I remember thinking, ‘What is he complaining about, he has seen the world?’ but I could not quite see the SYSTEM yet.

    I soon found out it was a pandemic of Pasang Kaki.

    When I joined TV 3 recruited by Tawfik Tun Ismail, yet again the head of the TV station a Retiree from RTM put me in cold storage and canned every piece of work I had done because I was too far ahead for this RTM fossil. (I had been instrumental in getting MAS a 5th flight into London with my documentary Battle for the Skies and compared to Esther Rantzen.)

    I was discouraged BUT I never left Malaysia. I turned to charity work.

    I am a Malaysian citizen who also lives in Sydney and spent 30 years on my Novel about MY country. I was a PACA at the last elections and I even followed Tawfik on his campaign trail in Benut.

    Stop questioning our loyalty Murtadi and taking us back to 2018 so that you can justify the slap. At the GE14 Grandmothers from every race united to fight corruption and we won. Tragically Systemic Racism killed our voice. The structures already in place that birthed deformed Malay politicians – children of Mahathir’s (UMNO) policy do not want to share power with other races. Machiavellian Mahathir was our Trojan horse.
    That is the only reason we have a Malay Government now.

    Come let’s find common ground based on TRUTH.
    You want our help as we need yours.
    So no more manipulation. Let us level the playing field and redress the bane of Systemic Racism.

    The Affirmative Action Plan.

    •Acknowledge Policy that enforces racial bias against the Anak Malaysia and that it is OUR common enemy.
    •Speak up against Racism especially when we are called Pendatang.
    •State publicly that it is time to relinquish all the privileges of the NEP for those who no longer deserve or qualify for it.
    (I have never heard anyone speak out against this especially those who have got millions in their account.)

    All my life I have competed on a playing field that slopes into the Malay goal post and I have had to run uphill to fight for who I am. I have met and know beautiful Malays who believed and opened doors for me but the weight of Systemic Racism has been crushing.

    Our parents sacrificed their dreams and paid huge prices to get us into those fields so we would have a fighting chance.

    Now you want our children-the younger generation to get onto that same UNFAIR playing field. This time you want them to have one hand tied behind their back so that they cannot have two hands to punch back when they are beaten by Arabisation , SOSMA , IGP , the fat Cabinet ….

    What are you offering in return?
    … if you can only be tall because somebody is on their knees, then you have a problem. Toni Morrison
    Spare us the Hurrah & the Huzza.

    We know what we are.

    We are not NONS!

    We are full of courage.
    We run up hills – backwards.
    We know how to fight.
    We have done so for centuries.
    We are the backbone of wealth of the nation in the Rubber & Tin industry.
    We have built our Nation with brawn & brains.

    HUZZAH !!!

    Anak Malaysia.
    jk Asher

  • Mary says:

    Show us the great M leaders who will return Msia to its glory….the Nons will back them up without prejudice to race or creed !!

  • Kim ng says:

    MM…u r not wrong on the betrayal on non leaders .

    However u will do more for the country if u influence more Ms to c how v soon they will b the BBB40 of a failed country if they do not rid the current corrupt Govt
    ….Do that n they will hv the Nons backing them

    Wat do u expect us to do ?
    We voted full force in GE 14 n then we were once again betrayed

    U expect us to be protesting on the streets ???

  • Andrew Chan says:

    We tried and successfully removed all the monkeys in GE14 but sadly the biggest hypocritical sub humanoid baboon devised an evil Sheraton Move and put the monkeys back to power. If and only if this monstrous baboon had put the country first, we would have been much much more prosperous and united than what we are now

  • Marduk says:

    Please don’t blame the Indian and Chinese in general. They were all betrayed by MIC and MCA. They have infact taken action much earlier as sufficed by the downfall of both the said parties in GE13 and 14!

  • Toh Kong, Wong says:

    Agree with the article.

  • Mohd Firdaus Martin says:

    If you take one lidi you can easily break it when you tie one hundred lidis together you can’t break it that how Malaysia must be, together we can raise up as one nation. Give equality for all and we lift up one another.

  • jimmy says:

    Let them bankrupt the country.
    They have no respect for other races.
    This is the only country in the world that has special rights for a majority race written in the constitution.

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