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Three or four generations of the Malaysian rakyat have been made stupid, treated like cows and enslaved by Umno-Baru.

If the Malays have a high level of tolerance, does this include tolerance towards those who receive and offer bribes?

If the Chinese are called non-patriotic, because they live overseas, why are many Malay students and experts reluctant to return to Malaysia to work?

What do the Malaysian rakyat, Malays and non-Malays, dislike?

The list is long: A tyrannical government. A racist government. Increase in prices of everyday goods. Leakages. Crime. The level of education. High cost of houses and cars. A non-functional public transport system…..alamak…..too many factors!

The saddest bit is when Umno-Baru leaders wrongly use Malay and Islam for personal gain.

There are many things you can do so save our nation.


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