More on Umno-Baru spoilt brats. MAS crew don’t need your tirade.

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Today, the child of one Umno-Baru leader, angered the MAS cabin crew union, the rakyat and possibly her own papa.
Remember, papa must project a good image, so that when “The Chosen One” vacates his seat, he gets to sit on the throne.  Madam has dented his image further.

Political spoilt-brats.

If the lives of the politicians’ children were laid bare for us to see, their behaviour might well decide whether we vote for their parents, in GE-14. It is possible that our vote will go to a more suitable candidate.

Some photos of politician’s children, leaked onto social media, may make your toes curl. What you read, may make your blood boil.

Parents are protective of their children, but politician’s children, who come out defending their politician mothers or fathers, are treated with contempt.

In today’s case, the Umno-Baru spoilt brat is both naïve, and feckless The parents know that having made politics their career, they will be scrutinised. It comes with the turf.

A politician’s child who fails to mention alleged corruption, incompetence and failings in office, will only find himself, despised even more.

No politician is perfect; but when you read about the antics of some of their children, the fast cars, the boozy nights, the drug use, the strings of girls, the ostentatious weddings, the skimpy clothing, the arrogance, their Dato titles (for doing what?), and their spendthrift ways, you are repulsed.

Recently, the politicians’ children who have come out in support of their parents, have been mostly daughters.

Why is that? Are girls very protective of their daddies?

Why not their sons?

Are sons busy wheeling and dealing in the backstreets of Putrajaya, and Petra Jaya, name dropping, and using Daddy’s position, to arrange lucrative deals?

A particular wild son, drives Hummers, and sports cars, who has allegedly been embroiled in fights with security guards in luxury condominiums. Allegedly, he started as a naughty boy who “ponteng-ed” school, and graduated to a heinous crime, but was not punished.

Others frequent nightclubs, and behave like gangsters. They have learnt their lesson well, from observing the sexist remarks and thuggish behaviour, in Parliament. Despite the lack of an education, they get good jobs, in the government or a ministry.

When a particular family allegedly misappropriated public funds to purchase luxury condominiums, the parents wisely de-camped their children to New York, to escape public scrutiny, and were told not to return, until the heat had died down.

Other political children involve themselves in lucrative government contracts. It helps, to have a famous name. As one minister implied, who you know, is more important, than your education.

One politician’s son, allegedly used his father’s outrider, to clear a path in morning peak traffic, so that he could arrive at school on time. He was only 13, but was already spoilt, with the trappings of his father’s office. The driver and outrider need not have worried, our schools are beholden, to politicians, and their children. It is also alleged, that in exams, the children are told to place a mark on their answer sheets, so that the examiner takes “special care” whilst marking.

Dodgy businessmen give presents to senior politician’s children to curry favour with their parents.

In one family, the police had great difficulty keeping track of one child, who liked racing with the Mat Rempits, at night.

The best place for politician’s children, is out of sight. Politics is an ugly business.

Ultra spoilt Umno-Baru brats, make us dislike their parents even more.





NB:Photo credit: Mueller

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