Most people think of ISMA types as Sanctimonious B*******

In the piece below, the ISMA activist, Danial Ariff Shaari (above), appears to be confused.

There is no confusion.

To answer his question, ISMA types are usually called sanctimonious ignoramuses.

Others just call them, sanctimonious bastards.

Here is the article:

Are the liberals calling us “fascistic Islamists”, “religio-nationalists” or Islamofascists?

Zurairi AR is enjoying his privilege as a Malay Mail Online (MMO) columnist by disseminating liberal propaganda in favour of the news portal’s agenda.

MMO, as we know, is and has always been critical of Islam and its institutions.

Zurairi meanwhile writes about how “fascistic Islamists are gaining ground in countries where Muslims are the majority”.

Oh. So Muslim religiosity … in Malaysia (??) … is a form of “fascism”, is it?

A few more paragraphs down in his Jan 29 column article, he highlighted a Tanjak piece that was ostensibly helped to “spread by religio-nationalists Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma), with its deputy president Aminuddin Yahaya later on stoking fears of the status of Islam and the Malays if such a move succeeds”.

[“Such a move” refers to a suggestion for the Rukun Negara to be incorporated as a preamble to our federal constitution.]

Zurairi is obviously a Malaysian liberal writing in an equally obvious left-wing media. He couches his view of Isma under the label “religio-nationalists” but we’ve already had a foretaste of how his newspaper/portal framed Wanita Isma as purdah-wearing extremists. 

Aside from casting aspersions on the good reputation of the Islamic authorities and Islamic NGOs, the liberals also accuse Muslim individuals (associated with the religious bodies aforementioned) of trying to turn Malaysia into a theocratic state.

Is “tide of Islamization” something bad that must be stemmed?

These liberals in the media will opportunistically leverage on genuine social issues to glance their sidelong attacks on conservative mores. Take Zurairi for example.

A week prior to venting on “the tide of Islamization” (see above), his Jan 22 column started off with commentary on a proposed ban against the kap chai motorbike in Kuala Lumpur.

Then Zurairi crosses the Titiwangsa mountain range into Terengganu to take a shot at the state’s Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama.

He seems to believe that JHEAT staff are Islamic enforcers who are “out-of-touch with reality once religious fervour clouds their heads”.

This Terengganu religious fervour is apparently characterized by “warning pillion riders against putting their hands into the jacket pocket of their partner, hugging and leaning against each other, and sitting too closely on motorcycles”.

The said motorbike riders and their passenger on pillion are unmarried Muslim couples, by the way.

Some Malay liberals appear to be all for men and women yang bukan mahram sitting pressed together in public side by side.

Human rights lawyer Siti Kasim – she of the feminist middle finger fame (above) – is incensed at an express bus company for its gender-segregated seating policy.

Siti is the liberal media darling, mind you.

Zurairi’s method writing is an attempt at using Islam as a scapegoat to spread the conspiracy theory of creeping theocracy.

His fellow MMO columnist Syafiqah Othman Hamzah – see below – is so hyperbolic about “the evils of theocracy” to the point of being shrill.

Another Malay liberal.

They’re not everywhere but actually congregated in the MMO. And they’re loud so that we make the mistake of thinking there are more of them due to all the noise they’re making.

Liberal media deliberately cultivating liberal Malays

Now let’s talk about the Malay Mail Online that hires and promotes these Malay liberals.

Most certainly Azrul Mohd Khalib is the first name to come to mind when we speak of the megaphone provided through the MMO platform.

Azrul is concerned about correcting injustices towards the transgender community.

Is he more concerned about the right of transgenders to pick which bathroom they prefer to use rather than their health risks resulting from LGBT sexual practices?

Recently Assoc. Prof. Dr Rafidah Hanim Mokhtar, vice president of Isma’s I-Medik, had pointed out that the LGBTs are among the groups most affected by AIDS.


‘Transgender: When a Facebook status takes precedence over national health report’ in Ismaweb (29 Jan 2017)

“The news of Transexuals Pageant, obtained via an FB of an activist, should not outbalance the health risk the group pose, as revealed nonetheless by an endorsed national report through systematic studies involving thousands of people and health specialists,” wrote Dr Rafidah.

She cautioned that “the media needs to have greater sense of responsibility towards the nation by reporting facts and news that really matter”.

Instead, the kind of news that irresponsible MMO chooses to highlight is the purportedly “most prestigious” beauty pageant in Australia for “female impersonators, transvestites, drag queen performers and transgender women”.

Picking up on transgender Nisha Ayub’s Facebook entry, MMO reported on Bangkok-based Malaysian Laeticia Raveena being crowned ‘Miss Transexual Australia 2017’.

In the eyes of Malaysia’s most liberal media, this is news.

 S’gor fatwa: Liberalism and religious pluralism is deviancy

It is the likes of MMO and its columnists Zurairi, Azrul and Syafiqah and Ms Boo Su-lyn who are “blinded by privilege” and are “out of touch with reality”.

Zurairi for instance is seemingly upset with a Selangor fatwa characterizing the ‘liberalism and religious pluralism’ line of thinking as deviant and contrary to Islamic treachings.

In a secular society, lesbians and gays can marry a same sex partner. In Malaysian society, the coupling of lesbians and gays is not only frowned upon but regarded as a moral and religious crime.

Liberals and their enabling media that promote open lifestyle values such as LGBT are insistent that Malaysia is a secular country. It figures perfectly why they would insist on this fiction of secularism.

There is the famous saying by Descartes “I think, therefore I am”. For the Malaysian liberals, it is “I assert, therefore it is”.

Dr Rafidah tells us:

“Homosexuality, transgenderism, drug and alcohol consumption are all impermissible in Islam. Malaysia has adopted Islam as the religion of federation, which has rightly addressed all these high risk behaviour through the constitution, the state laws and enactments to ensure that we are free from AIDS and HIV epidemic as well as other sexual transmitted diseases as much as possible.

The position of Islam on these issues is clear.

LGBTPQ is ‘No Go’ zone. (‘P’ is pansexual, such as popstar Miley Cyrus has declared herself to be.)

But if we dare to finger the anti-constitutional liberals for their bullying, we will be accused by them of being xenophobic, homophobic, alphabet-phobic and what not.

It is then that we realize how deep the liberals can sink into the Islamophobic seas.

By Danial Ariff Shaari 



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