Mr Deputy IGP, a rape threat is NOT a joke! The police are supposed to protect the rakyat. Do we now need protection from the police? Deputy IGP’s position is untenable. He should resign or be sacked.

Are the Malays proud that their Malay cabinet and Malay leaders are destroying Malaysia?

Teachers grope schoolgirls ostensibly to see if they are menstruating.

Male teachers joke about rape, and tell his students, that if they felt like raping someone, to choose a victim who is over 18-years.

When a girl student reported the teacher for joking about rape, her schoolmate, a male, threatened to rape the schoolgirl because she had sullied the reputation of the school.

It is the teacher and schoolboy, who tarnished the school’s reputation.

When the girl lodged a report about this rape threat, the Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani, wondered if the girl was being ultra sensitive and unable to appreciate her friend’s joke.

The Deputy IGP’s position is untenable. He should be sacked.

The teacher should be sacked, and put on the sex offender’s register.

The head of the school should be demoted.

The schoolboy should also be charged.

It is ONLY by being strict, that we can have some law and order in Malaysia.

Look around you. Look at the mess created by the politicians, ulama and elites.

If the police, who are supposed to protect us say that a rape threat is a joke, is it any wonder that so many people break the laws?

What about the group of elites, who broke the vaccinations laws? A vaccine had not yet been approved and yet this group of elites quietly had themselves vaccinated.

If the elites and ministers can break the law, all hell will soon break loose. The “Dengki Ke” phenomenon is the start of an emerging movement in Malaysia, that the elites treat the rakyat with contempt and derision.

When Fahmi Reza, the graphic artist created his ‘Spotify Dengki Ke playist’, some people took umbrage.

The police go all out to protect royalty, but one girl’s report, is dismissed.

Then, we have hate-preachers who masquerade as ulama. They call politicians and those who oppose the emergency laws, which has stopped parliament from functioning, to be worse than suicide bombers. Hadi Awang is destroying Malaysia, but the guardians of Islam have said nothing. They are cosy in their ivory towers.

Incompetent teachers, Irresponsible ministers and elites. Unprofessional policemen. Inept ulama. A recipe for disaster!

The tide is turning! The rakyat will not be cowed, or stopped.

Rebuilding Malaysia


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  • bukanjakun says:

    Dysfunctional and criminal behaviour is now part and parcel of the Malay psyche. It is so obvious now that Malays can do just about anything immoral, criminal and abusive and get away with it. Such is the mindset of Malays now. Looks like over time Malays have sunk to the level of Jakuns. It is not a joke anymore. It is a fact.

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