Mr IGP and head of the police in Sarawak. How did a girl get raped in a police cell?

Here is an excerpt from Malaysiakini. Read the full report here.

A 16-year-old girl was raped by an underage offender while in police custody at the Miri Central police station in Sarawak last week.

On 8 January, she had been detained for her alleged involvement in illegal gambling activities.

So, why did she have to be jailed in the police lock up, and not a young offender’s detention centre?

Although her cell was locked and separate from the other 12 male detainees, she alleged that their cell was not locked.

In the early hours of 9 January, the rapist, who was another juvenile offender, had obtained the keys to her cell, then raped her in the police toilet.

Were no policemen who were manning the cells?

Where were the other policemen in the station? Were they fast asleep or out, solving a case?

Why did the guards leave their position?

Is it normal to have the cells unguarded?

Are the guards complicit in the crime?

How come, the rapist can wander round freely?

Is he a Datuk’s son? Has he links to the triad?

Two cops have been suspended. They deserve the most severe of punishments. A girls life has been wrecked.

The whole thing is very fishy.

Malaysia needs a serious shake-up if people who are thrown in a police cell, are not safe.

This Miri rape, reminds me of the gang-rape in Butterworth, in 2012, of an Indonesian cleaner, who was picked up by policemen, in a police car, then gang-raped by three policemen at the police Headquarters

Don’t tell me, that in the Miri case, as in the Butterworth case, the cries of help by the victim, were not heard? Was she gagged? Was the police station empty? Did the other prisoners, on hearing her cries and shout for help? Were they afraid of repercussions?

Heads must roll, and it should start with the head of the Miri police, then Sarawak and the IGP.

People have disappeared and children been kidnapped.

The police want to control our lives, but they cannot even control their own police force and protect the people locked up in their cells.

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  • double tree says:

    We all can only shake our heads in sadness. Change will never come because change will not occur. This is not the first time. As usual there will be the usual comments by the PDRM but after 2 weeks, all if forgotten. Then the country will continue the slide into a shit hole.

  • Priya says:

    None of the mentioned comments will help. The only effective way is by severely punish the officers on duty and MOST IMPORTANTLY the superiors from federal, state, district and station level. Who to do this ? The government must take the responsibility (Highly Doubtful). Also can do through civil suit. Trust me. Do it once, and you can see the immediate positive results.

  • Vasu Vellappan says:

    The police should take responsibility and investigated and punished appropriately if found guilty. This shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    How is it “…really… cool”? It’s fcuking atrocious, scary, and disturbing “piece of info”!

    Malaysians being lowered to the level of uncivilised cave savages is nothing to take casually. That goes for both the rapist, the supposed law enforcement wonders – and our hardly awake public!

    “Cool” is when you get genuine better or best news about how well the police has done, how safe the public is, and how how vociferously the public has screamed, and has gone out to stamp their feet on the testicles of the police.

    Oh, btw, where’s Jho Low? Where’s the killer/killers of Teoh Beng Hock? Where are the police personnel when you need them, seeing them where they should be is as difficult as seeing a winged donkey!

    Locating a policeman who can work his limbs, and even better, his head a little, should be a sport in Malaysia. For this, we can be guaranteed a lot of gold medals.

    A working policeman would be a “cool” idea.

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