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After yesterday’s announcement about the Anti-Fake News Bill, Malaysian blogger Steadyaku47 will only publish real news. He will not publish any Fake news.
He alledges, “… the Malaysian government does not want any Fake News. Nor do we, the Rakyat. So let me kick of this “NO FAKE NEWS” era with this story of what really happened in Port Dickson.  
  • Mahathir  was Prime Minister.
  • Anwar Ibrahim was DPM.
  • Abu Talib Osman was AG.
  • Najib Razak : before he was Minister of Defence. 
  • The girl was a Chinese from Cheras and not Ziana Zain.
  • The incident happened in Port Dickson.
Mahathir was on annual leave and Anwar Ibrahim was acting PM when the then AG, Abu Talib Osman was informed of a “situation” in Port Dickson where Najib Razak, the son of a former Prime Minister, was being detained by the Negri Sembilan Religious authorities after he was caught in close proximity with a lady who was not his wife in a seaside condominium.
Abu Talib Osman decided to call…
For the rest of the “Port Dickson” article, see steadyaku47 
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