Mrs Q’s remark suggests that some wrong has been committed. So is there any truth in the allegation published in Asia Sentinel about the palace and the free vaccines scandal? #DengkiKe

Social media users in Malaysia slammed Mrs Q, aka Raja Permaisuri Agong Tunku Hajah Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah for her remarks on her instagram account. Some members of the rakyat even called her ‘Marie Antoinette’, that she was forced to deactivate her Instagram account.

According to Malaysiakini, the hashtag #DengkiKe is the top trending hashtag on Twitter in Malaysia, with 11.2k tweets as of 10.15pm yesterday.

Mrs Q had left a comment on her instagram account about spending the afternoon toiling in the kichen with the palace chefs, cooking for buka puasa.

A netizen asked if the palace cooks had been vaccinated, to which she replied: “Dengki ke? (Are you jealous?).”

Her pathetic and defensive remark, showed her arrogance and haughtiness.

The screenshot of the exchange which has been widely circulated, is below.

Netizens criticised her, others joked about being charged for sedition, and Mrs Q was forced to deactivate her account @airtangan_tunkuazizah

Mrs Q’s reaction suggests that some wrong has been committed, and gives life to the allegation that had been published in Asia Sentinel (AS).

AS had alleged that the Agung had obtained over 2,000 doses of Sinopharm’s Covid-19 vaccine from a United Arab Emirates prince, known as Prince “Mohamed Nayan”, for his friends and family.

Why do our royalty and top politicians fall for the slick “charms” of the middle-eastern royals? Remember how Malaysia was conned by a stupid former PM and his Arab prince donation?

The excerpt from Asia Sentinel reads,

“The king and presumably his entourage are said by the sources to have been vaccinated as a favor with the Sinopharm vaccine in the UAE, one of the world’s leading countries in combating the virus along with other oil-rich gulf states. The vaccine has not been approved in Malaysia and is therefore illegal.”

The Health DG, Noor Hisham Abdullah tried to intervene by raiding the offices of the two doctors, to put a stop to this criminal activity, as the Chinese vaccine is illegal. However, the King and Muhyiddin Yassin, his poorly appointed choice for PM, put a stop to Noor Hisham’s action.

Malaysians, many of whom are still waiting for the vaccine, are furious that the King and 2,000 of his mates and relatives have been vaccinated.

But they do not appear concerned that they did this with NO transparency

That the vaccine had not been approved by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency.

That a lot of royal hanky-panky is going on behind the backs of the rakyat.

Why should the political elites and other elites care? They bend the rules to suit them, and their hangers-on.

None of them care for the rakyat.

Naturally, the political class will support a cover-up. Health Minister, Adham Baba, of the drink-tepid-water-to-cure-Coronavirus infamy has dismissed the Asia Sentinel article and accused it of creating a negative image of Malaysia

What a silly fool!!

We do not need Asia Sentinel to give the world a negative perception of Malaysia.

Successive and current MPs and other elite dolts in the nation, give Malaysia a bad name and they do that very well without help from anyone.

Your remarks please!

The worms have been stirred into action.

The former First Lady of Malaysia, Rosmah Mansor, should be pleased. She was once Malaysia’s Marie Antoinette. Someone else has now taken her place.

Order more muruku and pop corn!

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • najissumbatotakm----yu says:

    OSTB says he is writing a new book which has to be published outside the country becasue it is too hot to handle locally. Must be many hot topics and this is one of them. The only conclusion from all this is that Malaysia has joined the Club of Doom as a leading member. How we have fallen from grace – and radical islam has everything to do with it.

    • Thesecrettgv says:

      come on, i think your are radical, not the Muslims, and maybe you can go to your original motherland, pathetic

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