Muhyiddin & his cabinet fear the ‘Power of One’.

Muhyiddin Yassin is not bodoh (stupid), but he is afraid of the ‘power of one’. Not just him, but his cabinet too.

Previous cabinets (perhaps not the PH cabinet) would also have been afraid of the ‘power of one’.

Notice that in Malaysia, no-one is punished for specific crimes. Despite overwhelming evidence, and going through the motions of a trial, the guilty remain free.

Crime Minister.

A prime minister steals from the taxpayer. He is convicted but continues to live like an innocent man.

The convicted felon, Najib Abdul Razak, is NOT in prison. Why can’t he lodge his appeal from behind bars? His lawyers are paid millions of ringgits to defend him.

Around the world, high profile criminals go to prison and then only file their appeals; but Malaysia?

The reason that Najib is still free is because Muhyiddin, his cabinet and former PMs fear the ‘power of one’.

If one man, for example Najib, is sent to prison, to serve his time, then the rakyat will think… “There is nothing to prevent us from sending the other corrupt politicians, their corrupt spouses, corrupt businessman, corrupt civil servants, corrupt ulama, corrupt policemen to spend the rest of their lives in jail”

If it can happen to one, then all the others who have stolen, or cheated, or committed some evil, can be jailed.

So, you see, that is the power of one. Think about it!

Teachers who rape

A teacher rapes his pupils, or jokes about rape. The complaints of the pupils and parents fall on deaf ears.

The authorities know that a crime has been committed, but all they do is to transfer the teacher in the hope that we will forget.

Now imagine what were to happen, if one teacher who was guilty of rape was sent to prison, instead of being transferred.

There will be a rush of parents and pupils, demanding justice for their children and more importantly, to punish all the teachers who have allegedly raped their charges, but escaped scot-free.

That is the ‘power of one’. There are no mixed messages and the authorities fear it.

Tahfiz school: Abusers & sexual predators

There have been several deaths from neglect in tahfiz schools. Scores of children have been abused, beaten, sodomised or raped.

You don’t hear about them because 1. It is embarassing and will bring shame to the families. 2. The parents often do not know how or where to lodge a complaint. 3. The parents may have been bullied into silence, or ‘persuaded’ to keep quiet. (Remember that most parents who send their children to tahfiz schools are dirt poor, and a few thousand ringgits, to buy their silence, is a king’s ransom for them.) 4. The children fear retaliation, so they rarely complain.

Some children who were severely beaten have been hospitalised. A few have died.

It may not be a beating because a few years ago, several children died in an arson attack.

If the head had not been negligent, and had provided fire escape exits instead of blocking access to the fire escapes, locked up the fire doors, failed to install fire sprinkler systems, then some children may have escaped instead of being burnt alive.

The parents of these dead children want justice but the ulama and some key people in government tell the parents, “It is God’s will.” Shockingly, some parents accept this ‘explanation’.

The preachers then tell the grieving parents, “Look at how your son’s face is peaceful even in death. God has sent him to heaven. You should thank God about what has happened.”

If the parents refuse to accept the spin and demand justice for their children, just imagine the power of one conviction.

If one teacher/warden/head is sent to prison, then the message that is conveyed to the public will send shock waves thoughout the community.

This is the ‘power of one’.

All it takes is one parent to refuse to accept the lies and excuses of those in authority.

Just one conviction will show that the government is serious about upholding justice and also of ensuring the safety of their children.

This is why the authorities fear the ‘power of one’.

Religious insults

Some Muslims who allegedly insulted people of other faiths have escaped scot-free.

Apply the “power of one” principle.

If just one Muslim had been convicted of threatening national security, then the bigots and extremists cannot abuse the “three Rs” to lord it over the non-Malays and non-Muslims.

Everyday lives

Apply the authorities fear of the ‘power of one’ to our everyday lives, and you’ll understand why Muhyiddin is afraid of the ‘power of one’.

Jailing one will undoubtedly start a chain reaction.

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  • Sim Huang Meng says:

    Power corrupts as we have seen someone who used to write about the wrong doing of politicians and government and yet today he’s appointed to power then what happen? He was very admiring to me but now is a disgusting fellow in his seat of power. How can we have the power of 1 when people we trusted turncoat in the face of power?

  • Govindan Perumal says:

    Well said Mariam Mokhtar. Just because justice is delayed, we have this problem continuing. If only the corrupted is jailed, the others will shit bricks and slowly wait for their turn to face imprisonment
    It’s all because of the high level of corruption unchecked, we are in this predicament.

  • Kk says:

    We Malaysians have come thus far…even to have these conversation. We have just past 50 yrs of age in scale of being a nation. Trust in our children and in our nations perseverance for righteousness. We need right wing as much as center and left wing. Continous polarisation and harmonisation without public destruction and terrorism shud be the innermost struggle that might secure the future.

  • Mailwaganam says:

    Like in China, all corrupted people are shot and their assets are taken by the government.
    Here from the Top to the Bottom are all corrupted.
    The Japanese government paid the Compensation for all those who died on the Death railway during Mahathir rule. Where did the money go. Until today no answer.

  • Soon CL says:

    The one and only voice of conscience in Malaysia. Other races would not speak out for fear of being threatened.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “Other races would not speak out for fear of being threatened.”

      Speak for your spongy spine, Mate, I am not Malay!

      And non-Malays should not conscientiously let down a Malay for their own safety, and lack of spine, either, leave it to others to do the work, and enjoy the risks.

  • Cheng Poh Heng says:

    Dear Ex-Admiral-General,
    I absolutely agree with the ‘Power of One’. Many Malaysians are waiting to see MO1 and Flom languish in the less than sanguine surroundings of Sungai Buloh Resort.
    The Court of Appeal will be deciding on MO1’s appeal in the very near future. I hope that the Court of Appeal will not allow stay pending MO1’s appeal to the Federal Court.
    Meanwhile, under the rule of law, justice will eventually prevail, and good will triumph over evil.
    MO1 and Roastmary (not Rosemary) could not foresee the fall of BN in GE14 because they thought that they were untouchable. Now, they are indeed untouchable, as not many Malaysians would want to touch either of them with 10-foot poles. The only ones who would touch them are their so-called lawyers, one of whom, wants to prove that his client is whiter than white!
    I have always believed, and will continue believe, that one brave and righteous person can bring down the PNipu or any government. Moo and his cows had achieved herd mentality but would fail to achieve herd immunity! They would then have to jump over the moon with their Pas Moonies. Ex-Admiral-General, you are indeed the “Power of One”.
    Laksamana Belakang Cheng (Edited)

  • Ravina says:

    Well said. ..u r brilliant

  • KMChan says:

    Hope in GE 15 we the rakyat will choose n vote those able leaders n has the rakyat di dahulukan so that all the corrupted crooks n those who have escaped justice be brought back n charged again, if possible. Must send the message to them that tis is the wish of the rakyat no matter who u are.

  • Yahya Sudirman says:

    a very powerful article!

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