Muhyiddin must resign! The rakyat rejected him. Politicians rejected him. The council of rulers rejected his Emergency Rule. He does not inspire confidence and trust. Malaysia deserves better.

Muhyiddin Yassin sneaked in via the back-door.

The rakyat rejected him.

Politicians rejected him. Many flip-flopped depending on the promises of position, ministerial posts or leadership of GLCs that he offered them.

No-one was chosen because they were good or efficient at their jobs. They were chosen because they proved to be good obedient poodles.

The council of rulers rejected Muhyiddin’s request for Emergency Rule. His proposal was made because he knew power was slipping from his grasp and the only way for him to continue to rule, was as a dictator.

Muhyiddin claimed that the reason for the Emergency Rule was to combat the increasing threat from Coronavirus. Is he blind?

The rakyat has by and large observed the rules to stop the spread of Coronavirus. The major threat came from the politicians, including ministers, who ignored the rules. They caused a major outbreak in Sabah. The politicians were blinded by the lust for power.

Emergency Rule would plunge the nation into a state of chaos and uncertainty. We would find it difficult to recover economically, culturally, socially, politically and financially.

Foreign investors would be driven away thinking that we are a dictatorship and not a democratic nation. The business community will face a bleak future. The ringgit will tumble. We may as well forget about attracting tourists and their all important tourist dollars. Share markets will nosedive.

Under Muhyiddin, we have a bloated civil service, but more debilitating is the bloated Cabinet.

Why do we have to duplicate some roles. We already have an ambassador to various coutries in the middle east, but Hadi Awang, the PAS president, who at the best of times, is as useful as a hairdryer for bald men, is made the Special Envoy to the Middle east. Whatever for? He is a drain on our resources.

Similarly we have an ambassador for The Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC) so why do we need a Special Envoy to the PRC?

The killer in the next few months and years will not be Coronavirus although there will be deaths from this disease. The killer will be from poverty.

Right now, jobs are being lost. People are being laid off. Businesses are closing down. People worry about how to feed their families. They worry about paying the rent. They worry about paying their mortgage. They have various loan payments to make, but many can’t get to work.

What is Muhyiddin’s immediate rescue plan? How will he and his Finance Minister help the rakyat in the long-term?

Instead, he only has rescue plans for himself, his inner circle and PN.

From the beginning, we had no confidence in Muhyiddin and his bunch of leap-frogging politicians, who are consumed by power and money. The interests of the rakyat came last. Muhyiddin and PN are not trustworthy.

Now that the council of rulers has rejected Muhyiddin’s proposal for Emergency Rule, the only solution is for Muhyiddin to resign!

(Note: A country enters a dangerous state when it is rudderless, and without a PM. Therefore, the 222 MPs must sit and agree on a national unity government, to take care of the country and the rakyat, until the next General Election, in 2023.

This will also mean that in a unity government, PAS must mitigate their religious agenda, and Umno-Baru and Bersatu must mitigate their racial agenda.)

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