Muhyiddin said “Putrajaya has very little money”, then admitted that he could not count at school. Now we know why the RM1 billion vaccine cost the Malaysian taxpayer RM3 billion

When Muhyiddin Yassin spends and losses are incurred, it is the taxpayer who foots the bill for his reckless spending.

On 12 April, Muhyiddin told attendees at a Sikh function for the Vaisakhi celebration in Petaling Jaya, that Putrajaya did not have much money left for the country.

He claimed that his government had spent over RM600 billion in 2020 and 2021, dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic and stimulating the economy in Budget 2021.

Many questions have been raised by Muhyiddin’s remark.

  1. Why is Putrajaya short of money? Where did the money go to? Can he be transparent and show how the money was spent?
  2. Muhyiddin’s cabinet is bloated. What do the 70 ministers and deputies do? Why do some ministries need two deputies? Trim the cabinet.
  3. Reduce the size of the civil service. The Malay electoral base is given jobs in the bloated civil service. These people cost money in the form of wages, perks, allowances and pensions. Their performance continues to be abysmal. Underperforming or non-performing civil servants are rarely sacked if ever. They are moved around like pieces on a chess board, until they retire.
  4. A researcher for the think-tank Research for Social Advancement (Refsa), Jaideep Singh criticised Muhyiddin for his alarmist behaviour. He said that although Muhyiddin had attributed a RM340 billion stimulus package as a burden on national coffers, the actual fiscal injection was RM72.6 billion or only 21.4 percent of the stimulus package.
  5. Muhyiddin sounding panicky is not good for attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). If he goes around crying “pokai pokai.”, he will adversely affect investor confidence and credit ratings. The country is, and has been, run by corrupt, money grabbing and power hungry politicians. With cries of “little money left”, investors will just turn to our neighbours and invest hundreds of millions of RM there.
  6. Why does Muhyiddin not learn from the rakyat? When times are bad, we tighten our belts. For instance, instead of eating out every other day, we cook at home. Instead of having holidays overseas, we enjoy a staycation. Despite the lockdown, Muhyiddin enjoys trips overseas with his aides. What happened to Zoom conference calls? His ministers enjoy free trips paid for by foreign governments. They only open themselves to abuse and corruption. The allegation is that the vaciine cost Malaysia RM1 billion, but allegations claim that Muhyiddin’s Perikatan Nasional (PN) administration, paid RM3 billion to purchase the vaccine. Which is true? All this confirms that Muhyiddin really cannot count. Are his expenses transparent? Why should the rakyat have any confidence in him? Muhyiddin proves that if you are in power, you can do as you please. Then he gives us his sob story, that Putrajaya has no money.
  7. Political appointees are rewarded with plum positions in GLCs. They are paid eye-watering salaries and perks, but none have improved the GLC’s performance. Get rid of them.
  8. GLCs are political tools to consolidate the power of the ruling elites. They are run in a non-accountable manner. and acording to this report, there are three ways in which GLCs assist those in power. First, GLCs channel government-generated concessions to key constituencies to garner electoral support. Second, GLCs allow for the appointment of politicians to the boards to sustain party support. Third, GLCs offer lucrative directorships to pre-empt party hopping.

    If the rakyat can learn to tighten its belt, so can Muhyiddin.

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  • sampahtakpunggut says:

    What a confession. His PN is a 99.9% Malay government. Better call it a Malay government because this is what it is. True to character, PN spends and spends, almost all on Malay and Islamic interests. So where to get some more money? Borrow lah. This is the Malay way. Good for spending but poor in bringing in wealth. Foreigners are running away. Locals don’t want to invest. So how? Malaysia will end up being controlled by outside forces. Padan muka awak.

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