Musang King is about the Greed and Ignorance of the Daft Ex-Kedah MB, Ahmad Bashah

I reproduce the full report in The Star, and will pick the arguments presented by the former Umno-Baru MB of Kedah, Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah, about the scandalous Musang King plantation project at Gunung Inas.

The MB, not the rotten durian, once claimed that all he needed to know, he had leanrt form the Universiti of Umno-Baru.
Patut ler lingkop negeri Kedah…

Is it a question of stupid MBs/politicians, or the stupid voters who keep electing these idiotic politicians?

You decide and when you find the answer, you do what it takes, to put things right.

Just remember that Ahmad Bashah once said, that he did not need to go to university, because all the important lessons in life, he had learnt from the University of Umno-Baru.

So, for his supporters, elok-lah.

If you want to choose an idiot to run your country who has admited that he learnt about irresponsibility, corruption, unaccountability, incompetence, lack of integrity and lack of principle from University of Umno-Baru, then be prepared for more floods, more destruction of land, forests, rivers, commerciap propertis, private dwellings and farms and lifestock and sadly, the loss of human lives.

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Ex-Kedah MB admits state approved durian plantation to prevent deforestation


GEORGE TOWN: Datuk Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah has admitted that the Kedah government approved the large-scale Musang King plantation at Gunung Inas during his time as mentri besar.

Ahmad Bashah said, however, the approval was meant to ensure that the area was not for logging and would be conserved through replanting to prevent deforestation.

Is Ahmad Bashah that dense? He said that “an area would be conserved through replanting to prevent deforestation.”

Haiyo….before replanting can take place, the trees that are happily growing in the jungle will have to be cut down, this is deforestation.

In other words, the area that is designated for replanting will have the trees cut down first.

Apa ke bodoh nya! Patut ler Kedah and in fact all of Malaysia except for small pockets in the country, are regressing. With idiots like this, mana boleh maju?

“When I was mentri besar, a local company bought a firm that was given the approval to manage Gunung Inas by the previous state government before me.

This is an incompetent and idiotic MB in control of an equally idiotic and clueless civil service.

Which original firm was given the approval to manage the actual project?

One cannot just chop and change firms just like that. The name of the firm for the original project should be the one to carry out the project.

How do we know that the “firm that was bought by the local company is not a fly-by-night firm’ or a crony firm or a saudara’s firm, that was formed the day before and does not have the manpower or experience to manage a large scale undertaking of 30,000 acres of prime forest land?

Is there no limit to the number of stupid MBs in Kedah?

“At that time, the company’s proposal was to convert the area to a large-scale Musang King durian plantation and not for logging at all,” he said in a Facebook post on Tuesday (July 19).

So what did his office or the other state departments do to stop this nonsense? To plant durians, or any other tree means that the area will have to be logged. This is NOT conservation lah dey!

He said during his time, there were already logging activities in the area, which was a continuation of activities proposed by other companies responsible to manage the area.

Were these companies doing illegal logging or illegal logging by a crony company which had the collusion of the state or Jabatan Tanah dan Hutan?

He said the focus of the state government under his leadership at that time was to make sure the area was conserved and rehabilitated after deforestation.

Say what? Leadership? Ahmad Bashah does not know the meaning of leadership. He has NO leadership qualities.

Worse still, he has NO knowledge of conservation or rehabilitation or deforestation. He is wasted space and is responsible for destroying the Kedah hills and forests.

Last week, another former Kedah mentri besar Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir said during Ahmad Bashah’s term as MB, Musang King durians were planted in the area.

Ahmad Bashah was mentri besar from 2016 to 2018 before Mukhriz took over after the 14th General Election.

Ahmad Bashah said the state government approval was meant to protect the area and at the same time, reap benefits from the project.

Protect? He has not protected the area, beca se he has destroyed the area.

Ahmad Bashah is responsible for the destruction of the hill slopes of Gunung Inas, the loss of life, property and lifestock, the state of the rivers, the hill slopes and he has increased the suffering of the people.

“What was important for the government at that time was that the issues at Gunung Inas could be solved as soon as possible,” he said.

He did not do anything for the good of the state, the people and the forests.

Ahmad Bashah was primarily interested in making more money at the expense of the people and the environment. Greed, incompetence, apathy, ignorance and arrogance are his trademarks

Shame on him but more shame on you who supported and elected him.

More thoughts…please feel free to add to this…

As far as I know, there has been a succession of Kedah MBs who are clueless, arrogant, greedy, incompetent and stupid.

Many are uneducated and trying to explain science or environamental matters, even physical geography or the earth sciences, is impossible. It will be like nuclear physics to them.

To the question of why we nominate idiots into positions of power, is so that the chief super idiot of them all, who sits in Putrajaya, will appear to be the brightest light bulb in the room. If youthe head surrounds himself with people who are more stupid than him, then to the dummies around them, that person will seen like Einstein. (and if you do not know who Einstein is, then you are more daft than one thought possible…)

Whilst it is ok not to be well informed about certain things, because not everyone knows everything about all things under the sun, the MB has one advantage.

He has easy access to knowledge and information. He has the funds and the resources to get the specialised knowledge.

Perhaps, his advisors are more stupid than he is.

Perhaps, his advisors have vested interests or lets just say the magic word “Corruption”. Money talks.

Crony companies who think ahead, will plant someone who will have their interests at heart, and pay good money for this man, or woman, to be in the inner circle of the man at the top.

When the appropriate tender for a particular project comes along, guess who gets the information first, and guess who will put in a good word for this said company.

An MB, not just Ahmad Bashah, has access to experts. He can contact the various academics in universities throughout Kedah or Malaysia.

He can seek independent advice from those in industry, and yet, his answers about the logging, deforestation and Musang King replanting scheme fills us with dread. They are childlike and puerile.

If Ahmad Bashah was chosen as MB, the state could not have chosen a more daft clueless and incompetent person. Why do the people of the state allow this to happen?

If the rakyat, and this applies to everyone in Malaysia, were to allow this trend of incompetent and stupid people to run the state, there will come a time, when each state will lose its assets, like its forests and natural wealth. Future generations will suffer because we did nothing to stop these idiotic politicians.

For once, the Melayu electorate must look beyond the tips of their noses and stop this dangerous slide into thinking that a religious party like PAS or a corrupt party like Umno-Baru, are good for the nation. No, they are not!

Reject PAS and Umno-Baru at GE-15.

Rebuilding Malaysia

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