A reader writes: My New Malaysia Dream for “A Just and Prosperous Malaysia.”

A reader would like to share his thoughts on the way forward. It is his analysis of the opinions of various people, such as economists and politicians.


“The perception that all Chinese in Malaysia are wealthy is wrong as data from government agencies indicate that a majority are wage-earners in this community”, said economist Dr Muhammed Abdul Khalid.

Whenever Dr Mahathir starts talking about ‘the Chinese are rich’, he is knowingly attempting to segregate us Malaysians.
“He is playing with fire by uttering such fictitious remarks,” Wee Ka Siong, MCA stressed.

“Poverty exists among all races regardless of they are Malay, Indian, Chinese, Orang Asli, Kadazan or Iban.”

In terms of education, Dr. Maszlee Malik, the Education Minister said so far there has been a total of 84,891 applications for matriculation of which 20,040 are non-bumiputera applications.

“And 4,068 non bumiputera’s have been offered a spot in matriculation colleges for the 2018/2019 session. A clear indication that non bumiputra have been neglected all these years. Something must be done to quickly rectify this lopsided policy.”

Khalid said, “Data from the Statistics Department in 2016 showed that 70% of the Chinese were working class, compared with 72% Bumiputera and 83% Indians.

“We cannot simply generalise that all Chinese are rich. Only a small group are rich ( less than 3%) and that the majority of Chinese are definitely poor and are under the working class. This same statistic applies to the Malays, too.

“Among the Chinese, half of those who work earn a monthly salary of less than RM2,350. This is a difference of only about RM400 from Malays who work. The majority earn low salaries, not between RM5,000 and RM6,000.

“The percentage under Chinese does not differ much from the Bumiputeras, who are also working class.” 

Abdul Razak Hussein, Malaysia’s second prime minister, started the New Economic Policy, NEP, which was based on Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s book, “The Malay Dilemma”. Dr Mahathir refused to stop the NEP in 1990. The statistics are long known to the government but they continued with the racist NEP because that allowed them to stay in power, via the fixed deposit constituencies.

No studies were done, or if there is a study the ruling class Umno-Baru elites refuse to accept facts as facts, as the Umno-Baru elites were the main beneficiaries, rather than the poor Malays. This is achieved by the Umno-Baru elites, who advanced the idea that the Chinese are rich. 

The NEP has been abused for the last few decades and must be replaced. We do not want another Umno-Baru 2.0. The New Malaysia policy must be based on need for all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion.

“Wealth disparity among race is only a political rhetoric that is always misused by politicians to point figures at a particular race,” said DAP’s Tanah Rata assemblyman Chiong Yoke Kong

Deteriorating purchasing power, increasing cost of living, non-corresponding income level are issues still faced by all Malaysians.
Hence, we should draft and implement our economic policies not based on race, but based on who needs them.

Need-based economic policies would ensure the most vulnerable group gets help from the government and benefit from our policies.
By channeling help to the needy, we can elevate the vulnerable and poor to where we want them to be.

Please do not victimise or discriminate any race and champion any particular race. Those in power should be colour blind. We are all one family. The New Malaysia is for all Malaysians. Stop using the Chinese as the bogie man or sacrificial lamb in an attempt to further this racial ideologies again. It must STOP NOW.

We, as a multicultural and multiracial family, as citizens of this New Malaysia, appeal to our PM and his cabinet , to model our country into a modern, just and fair nation. This is the time given by God for him to make amend and structure the country back into a “Just and Fair Malaysia”.

A fair, needs-based economy policy is what Malaysia needs right now.

Please share.
Let our DREAM live on.

By a reader who wants to be known as “Dreaming for a United Malaysia.”

(The views expressed are those of the contributor)

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  • Jason Yen says:

    How many years the Malays NEP. How many years the Government need to give aid to Malays.

  • Jason Yen says:

    Malays need to emulate the South Korean and Taiwan and probably up and coming Vietnam. Malays should wallow in pity always asking for the dole for help. Sixty years and not enough. Thus it looks likes Malays are born without one hand and one leg and there fore always need tongkat. Malays should have certain pride. Singapore Malays are now living in equal footing but when they come to Malaysia they become helpless because they the Government will spoon feed them. That is the crux of the matter.

  • chng kooi seng says:

    There are no great Malay leaders who can lead Malays out of the Malay Dilemma. Dr M’s analysis and solution made the Malays even more dependent on government handouts and bailouts. His suppliers of mediocre parts for 30 years now are jobless because they are unable to upgrade their products and sell at a competitive price. So they run to Dr M who got Geely’s suppliers to take them in as minority shareholders – Alibaba business again. These bumi suppliers made millions over 30 yrs, and they moaned to Dr M that they will be bankrupt if they are not helped. What B.S. But this is Dr M. He is at heart still like Najib, or Najib is like Dr M. The rot in the Malay psyche is deep rooted. As long as this is so, Malays will remain shackled. It is a pity because they had all the means to reach for the stars, and beat S.Korea, Japan, PRC, Taiwan to be the biggest Asian tiger, but instead had remained not much better than Bangladesh or Pakistan. Dr M must focus Malay attention on their problems. Instead he is doing a Trump and diverting their attention and energies on diversionary theatre. If he is consistent on this, he will lose the non Malay votes for sure.

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