My predictions for the Year of the Pig

Yin says: We are only 14 days before the Lunar New Year so it’s not too late to give my predictions. 

First, if I may be allowed a little chuckle . . . my sentiments pre GE14 has been largely vindicated. 

But let’s get straight to what I see for 2019.

Racism continues! Dr Mahathir Mohamad can say what he likes about Malays still needing help and I don’t disagree with him on that. It’s how the help is given! On the one hand he talks about the need for Malays to walk without the walking stick. On the other he pushes the walking stick on them. He’s the pusher who says that drug is bad but he continues to supply it. 

After 61 years of mollycoddling  I’d have thought a better way would be to have set criteria which must be met before help is given. For instance, by not lowering the entry level to universities for Malays – they must compete with the best. This applies to business, recruitment, promotions, loans, contracts etc. By all means give them every assistance and encouragement but do not mollycoddle them.

The result of this is “institutional racism” which penalises the ‘have-nots’ of other races, while the rich Malays who do not deserve these advantages, exploit their skin colour. 

It has been said often enough “affirmative action must be needs based and not race based.”

But all this is not new. The Malays know all the arguments against racism – moral, economic etc. Truth is, except for a small minority, most Malays want Ketuanan Melayu. They want racism which favours them irrespective of what it does to the country – brain drain, low quality education, foreign investors are wary, even our own investors look elsewhere – this affects our prosperity and has an effect on jobs. Racism has far reaching consequences. 

My predictions

My first prediction – that racism lives on in Malaysia! No new dawn, I am afraid.

Meanwhile DAP plays the “Three Monkeys” – deaf, blind and mute. 

My second prediction is that Najib Abdul Razak and his gang will get away scot-free. Their cases will drag beyond Mahathir’s term as PM and Tommy Thomas’ term as AG. After them I do not see anyone with the stomach to deal with it.

I will go as far to say that even if found guilty Anwar Ibrahim (IF and when he becomes PM) will recommend a pardon. This is realpolitik a la Malaysia – it’s not the Malay culture to go hard on wrong doers; especially their own – look at the number of politicians, teachers, civil servants over the years who got away with a rap on the knuckles for their misdemeanours.

Justice is not always done.

My third prediction is that most of the much touted institutional reforms promised in GE14, will never see the light of day. 

Mahathir has already killed ‘local government elections’, ‘UEC’, ‘ICERD’. Many other promises will also be kicked into the long grass and forgotten.

Once again we have been duped.

Mahathir has admitted they never thought PH would win so they made  promises  which they had no intention of keeping.

What made us think this lot is any better than the other? After being screwed left, right and center you still believe politicians . . . And you think people in TR are mad!

Earlier I said “IF and when Anwar becomes PM”.

Here is my last prediction

Anwar will NOT become PM! 

Unless Allah calls Mahathir early, he will make sure his third nominee for PM (looks like Azmin Ali) will be crowned before he abdicates the throne. 

Already it has come out that the ‘two years’ agreement is not in black and white. And although Mahathir said he will keep his promise, he also had the caveat “provided that is what the people want.”

Is this the Year of the Pig, or Year of the Frog?

Politics is the art of the possible and in Malaysia apa pun boleh! 

Remember, you heard it here first.

Happy New Year of the Pig, or, should I say Year of the Frog.





(The views expressed are those of the contributor)


By Yin, 

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