Najib made a mistake! He should have said that Umno-Baru/BN did NOT fulfil 99.4% of its promises

Rakyat…..such suckers…!!!

Najib Abdul Razak did NOT fulfil 99.4% of Umno-Baru/BN promises

We are told that Najib Abdul Razak’s favourite number is eleven (11).

That’s not true. His favourite number is five (5).

Every five years, he makes promises. Empty promises.

Yesterday, he promised that a new airport will be built in Perak, at Seri Iskandar, after GE-14. We’ve heard that for the past three elections.

He also said that this new airport will be built over the next five years.

Ahhh…How convenient. Just in time to repeat the same thing, for the next election, in GE-15.

Where is he getting the money from?

Who will pay for this new airport?

His cronies? They have already been bled dry. He cannot squeeze any more money from the rakyat.. The GST is killing us.

Let’s talk about some big promises.

Where is the Ipoh aerospace industry?

What happened to the 2007 promise, to make Seri Iskandar, the hub for Global Flying Hospitals (GFH)?  

What happened to the 2013 promise, to make Perak a developed state? Remember Zambry Abdul Kadir’s Perak Maju and Perak Amanjaya 2015 plan.

So, is Perak a developed state? Did I miss something?

Deputy PM, Zahid Hamidi proposed an undersea tunnel from Bagan Datoh to Indonesia. Will this RM78 billion tunnel be another GE-14 empty promise?

Who among his spin doctors is the mathematical genius?

On 7 April, Najib said that BN fulfils 99.4% of its promises.

He was very specific. What formula did his spin doctors use,  to be so precise. 99-point-4 %

I think Najib meant to say, BN failed to fulfil 99.4 of their promises.

Stop making empty promises, Najib.


Or be sacked.

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