Never argue with stupid people, even if they claim to be MPs from PKR, because they have years of experience and they will drag you down to their level

‘Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.’ Mark Twain

The latest daft and utterly confused politician is from PKR. She is the MP for Tangga Batu, Rusnah Aluai.

Why are we paying her any gaji to be daft, and raising daft issues in parliment, and wasting time discussing at great length the name Timah, whisky and the prophet’s daughter?

For decades, the name Timah did not mean much to anyone. It was an ordinary name, tapi, because of whisky, suddenly all hell breaks loose in Putrajaya.

Did Rusnah really earn her masters in Political Science from the London School of Economics (LSE), and not from a sekolah attap or the Kota Baru or Alor Setar campus of the University of Umno-Baru?

This is why some of us are puzzled that she is confused by the Timah whisky debacle.

She said that the Timah brand of whisky, and the imagery used  was “too confusing” and should be changed.

Her comments are both offensive and embarrassing to Muslims, to Muslim women and to Malaysians in general. One just cannot win an argument with stupid people.

Confusing to whom? One doubts if Malays and Muslims are confused by the Timah brand of whisky or the photo on the bottle. Practising Muslims will not drink whisky whether or not they believed the name, Timah, to be confusing.

Harapan….this much I know. If you do NOT vet your MPs properly and do not set some minimum standards and if you do not have a suitable stupidity test, you will lose in GE-15.

There is no need for RM100 for the ruling party to bribe voters, no need for Bangla phantom voters. no need for cheating or for trucks to hijack the ballot boxes and replace them with the ruling party’s choice candidate.

The quality of PKR MPs is reason enough for us NOT to vote you back into power.

Do something about it now or lose GE-15

Rebuilding Malaysia

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