No Mercy! No forgiveness! Sapuman

Zunar's latest Raya Puasa 2016

To Sapuman and his sidekicks, who have wiped Malaysia clean of its wealth, its tolerance, its integrity, its principles and its honour, we will not forget what you have done to Malaysia.

Zunar: “We will not forgive them!

“All Malaysians, irrespective of their race or religion must unite to fight the oppressive regime which thrives on corruption and which has robbed the nation of billions of ringgits.”


Rebuilding Malaysia

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  • Winston says:

    Cik Mariam, may I suggest converting this blog into something like the Citizens’ Blog which was so popular in the Staronline some time ago.
    In this setting, anyone who wanted to put their viewpoints across can do so rather than merely a monologue as in the case of an ordinary blog.
    But this will involve a lot of vetting on your part because in the final analysis, you are the owner of the blog and the onus is on you to decide what appears therein.
    Hope you are agreeable to it.
    Thank you.

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