No wonder Muhyiddin’s men are desperate to become Ministers & Special envoys with ministerial status. We fund their luxury lifestyle. Check out the sums involved

Former Minister for Youth, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman gave an account of what Malaysian ministers are paid.

We have no reason to think that the money involved is different now under Perikatan Nasional (PN) For all we know, Muhyiddin Yassin has increased the payments. Who knows? Do you?

Someone is making life difficult for Syed Saddiq. Probably a tit-for-tat gesture because he has been vocal about PN.

In March, RM250,000 cash was stolen from a safe in Syed’s house. The MACC claimed that they can only complete their probe once he and his parents declare their assets, which they did today.

Syed detailed the amount of salary and allowances that he received during his tenure as a cabinet minister to give us a picture of how much he was making then.

As a minister and an MP, he said he took home RM55,000 a month.

He also received other allowances totalling RM70,000 for annual vacations.

He was allowed RM180 for daily food and drinks, and RM10,000 to move house.

He also received a one-time crockery allowance of RM42,000.

He added that when he lost the job as a minister, he received another one-off payment of about RM150,000.

Syed Saddiq confirmed that he had never given any contracts to parties when he was a minister, adding that all contracts were given through the tender evaluation committee.

He said he had practised an open tender system for all contracts, and was one of the first few ministers to declare their assets.

He also asked why he would lodge a police report on the missing cash if it was really linked to bribery and corruption.

We must thank Syed for revealing what Umno-Baru ministers have kept quiet all this time.

No wonder, Umno-Bar is itching to be returned to power.

No wonder PAS politicians are desperate to become ministers.

No wonder, Muhyiddin Yassin has a bloated cabinet and on top of that, has to appease the Malays in the bloated civil service.

So, now we know. Muhyiddin rewards loyalty more or less in the same manner as disgraced Najib Abdul Razak’s “Cash is king” philosophy.

Guess who picks up the tab….

Yup the rakyat is paying for all these luxuries.

PN politicians hidup macam raja (live like kings) and they have the cheek to tell the rakyat to tighten their belts.

Remember when Najib told us the same. Save money. Make it stretch further, but behind the scenes, he was bleeding us dry.

Muhyiddin, the champion of the Malays, is just a worse version of Najib.

You know what to do in GE-15. That is if Muhyiddin and his National Security Council does not suspend democracy.

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  • Dan says:

    Your latest piece in Malaysiakini was excellent and bold. Shared with many Malaysian friends. I wrote a longer comment on the contact form on your website. Cheers.

  • JFK Yap says:

    Have faith and be patient with PH, bro. After all, you have sacrificed flying around the world to vote out the incorrigible UMNO kleptomaniacs. Be fair, PH govt did take pay cuts, trim down cabinets and ministerial departments etc. Give them time and support, it is not easy to change a 60 year old bad govt and it’s slack mentality public servants who refuse to repent. Tax payers and voters for betterment must be far sighted, not to expect immediate miracles from new first time PH govt who inherit such a massive corrupted administration. PH was doing its job, coming up with more corrupted practices almost weekly, revealing more hidden problems and questionable practices. Leave the old man alone, let him wonder for another year or two, who cares, as long as the PH govt is moving in the right direction to eliminate political crooks and recover the economy. Vote PH for another term in GE15 please, for the sake of our future and our children’s future. TQ

  • anton ng says:

    PH was not given the chance to complete their term of office; therefore it is unfair to pas negative judgement on them.As far as i am concern PH did their job magnificently;the first 2 years were mostly fire fighting such as making good the blunders and errors of the previous BN government.

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