Not another luxury car! Why is Perak treated like a personal piggy bank? Where are the plans to uplift the poor & OA, improve education, upgrade infrastructure. Instead Mr Perak MB has a new car. Ada diskaun, he says…

Ahmad Faizal Azumu is a joke. A bad joke forced on the people of Perak. He’s laughing. We are not.

He probably does not read much. If he did, he would learn that Perak is the second poorest state in peninsular Malaysia after Kelantan. So why spend money on another luxury car. Last year, he courted controversy when he purchased a fleet of luxury cars for state executive committee members.

This is an excerpt from today’s Malaysiakini. “Newly-reappointed Perak Menteri Besar Faizal Azumu was spotted with a spanking new official car – a Lexus ES sedan (above, file pix).

Speaking to reporters today, Faizal said the state government got him a new car because one of the 16 Toyota Camry cars in the state government’s fleet was sold to former state legal adviser Rohana Abd Malek, who retired last December.”

Wahhhhh…..action pandai, tapi where is the MB’s plan to uplift the poor in Perak?

Where is the plan to improve drainage in and around Ipoh? Each time it rains, there is massive flooding. His administration approves so much building, that they forget about the effect on the same drains which cannot cope nor handle water run-off. The MB and his admin live in cloud cuckoo-land.

Where is his plan to uplift the lives of the Orang Asli in Perak, instead of giving the nod to resume logging? He forgets that he scraped by to be elected, with 39 votes, from the Orang Asli community in his electorate of Chenderiang. They helped secure his win, but he rewarded them, by siding with the timber merchants.

What is his plan to drive the economy forward after the combined effects of the recession and the Coronavirus pandemic? All he knows is to appear in front of a screen to sing and act. He should join Bollywood, if they will have him, and leave Perak in more capable hands.

The problem with politicians like Azumu is that he has a strong sense of entitlement from the Ketuanan Melayu mentality.

Please be reminded that Ketuanan Melayus do NOT help poor or marginalised Malays. The Ketuanan Melayu only promotes the privileged and well connected (politically) Malays.

What educational skills and work experience can Azumu speak of that inspires confidence? Starting off as a junior political aide to another self-serving politician is not a real job,

He gets upset when people allege there is illegal sand mining and illegal logging.

He goes on the defensive when we allege that contracts worth huge sums of money have been awarded quietly, and without open tender.

He jumps higher than any frog we know; from Umno-Baru to Bersatu, from Barisan Nasional (BN) to Pakatan Harapan (PH) to Perikatan Nasional (PN). This is what opportunists do. How does one trust a politician who behaves more like a self-serving frog than someone who is elected to serve the rakyat.

Perak deserves better. We are a rich state, but the riches do not go to the people.

We are astounded, that the people who are aware and who can make a real difference condone the actions of this MB.

We are shocked that the MB, a man who fails to inspire confidence, who is immature, who demotivates the people, was actually made MB.

The people should act before Perak is run to the ground, and there is no money for anyone.

Rebuilding Malaysia

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  • Steven says:

    That is why an anti-hopping law is needed.

    Politicians are becoming more brazen in demanding their share of the cake to defect … they know they can get away with anything because it is now the new normal.

    And they justify their defections with the hollow statement “I want to serve the public better”.

    If I can put a curse on these self serving politicians, I would. It just makes my blood boil to see the greed and hypocrisy on display.

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