Now We Know Why Putrajaya Is Broke. Two Ministers And Their Aides Took Separate Jollies To Saudi Arabia, Ostensibly To Arrange Haj Quotas. Oops..,a Flock Of Pigs Is Flying Overhead

  1. What is the real reason behind Muhyiddin Yassin and his entourage’s visit to Saudi Arabia, in early March?
    We were told to negotiate haj quotas. Really?

2. He claimed that Putrajaya is pokai (broke). Is Zoom inaccessible in Putrajaya?

3. Is the real reason for the trip so that Muhyiddin can beg for another ‘princely donation’, just as the convicted criminal, Najib Abdul Razak, did prior to GE-13?

4. Now, isn’t it luverrly for Muhyiddin and Mrs to be given a royal guided tour of the historical religious sites in Saudi Arabia?

How many of our political elite wander off to the back streets of any Saudi city and observe the poor Saudis especially their women, living wretched lives, or the migrant workers who live equally wretched lives. All Malaysians see is the glitter and the towering hotels and palaces of the uber Saudi rich.

5. What will Malaysia have to give up in these dodgy deals? Will more wasabi schools be set up in Malaysia? Will the more extremist brand of Islam be sown? More wasabi indoctrination? We should not be dealing with an evil regime, which murders its journalist.

6. In early April, weeks after Muhyiddin returned from Saudi Arabia, the Minister for Religious Affairs and his entourage went on a jolly to Saudi Araiba. Did minister Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri and his entourage, think that he would save Malaysian taxpayers’ money by accepting the freebie offered by the Saudi NGO, which is funded by the Saudi government. Silly man!!

If DAP had accepted a free trip sponsored by an American NGO to visit an armaments factory in America, Zulkifli and his mates would be screaming, “Down with the Capitalist imperialists”….or if the DAP had accepted a fully sponsored visit to another armaments factory in the People’s Republic of China, he and his mates would be screaming, “Komunis. Komumis.”

7. Don’t these ministers have advisers?

8. The reason for rejecting expensive gifts is simple. Anyone who receives a gift is beholden to the giver.

What will Malaysia have to trade in exchange for an increased haj quota?

9. Why is the cost of going on the haj so high?

At RM23,000 per person, it is a hefty sum. Normally Malays, a husband and wife, visit Saudi as a couple and they will be paying a small fortune to perorm their pilgrimage.

Zulfikli could tell us the breakdown of cost. How much of the RM23,000 goes to the Saudis? How much to any crony or politician helming Tabung Haji? Under its former chairman, Tabung Haji’s finances were not healthy.

10. Successive Malay ministers screw their own kind. Why? Because few Malays dare scrutinise the actions of their ministers and politicians. No wonder many Malay politicians aided and abetted by corrupt cronies, have got away with their crimes.

Many Malays are very naive. They think that a religious man, or someone in an institution that protects the Malay man’s right to observe one of the pillars of Islam, ie the pilgrimage, can do no wrong.
The gullible Malay is under the impression, that these Tabung Haji employees will not steal. Silly dolts!!
Look what the former chairman, the Baling MP, Abdul Azeez Abdul Raheem, did to Tabung Haji.

So, I ask you. How many ministers does it take to change a light bulb in Saudi Arabia. The answer is none. They are too busy “Enjoy”!!

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  • kotorotak says:

    As a senior PDRM said, there is corruption going to Mecca and corruption coming back. Like everything in Malaysia, it is a cabal of thieves, stealing from the trusting citizens. Even in things holy, there is corruption. The large sums that has to be forked out by Malays, a big chunk goes to the cabal. How can Malays even think of cheating their own race – on matters of religion on top of it. So when people complain, as usual, nothing is done or will be done. Cheating and stealing – now are in the DNA of Malays. The past year under PN has shown that too clearly.

  • Maey Magdalen Das says:

    Not one thing about the decades of eye-wash from our so called elected “public servants” is gonna change … until and unless our Malay brethren stand uo, speak up and ask those bold and rude questions. We have been forced under the shell of fear for far too long. Now is the time to speak up … to do our own research … to ask questions of our leaders … to hold them responsible for the mandate given them … to govern this country with wisdom, truth, accountability and transparency.

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