One Country, One People, One Destiny

Yin stresses that he is a Malaysian – not a Non-Bumiputra Malaysian. He adds, “I am just a Malaysian plain and simple; who should have all the rights and responsibilities of a citizen but does not.

I am not better or worse than any other Malaysian but equal and I want to be treated equally.”

He urges you to speak out because the politicians will not.

One Country, One People, One Destiny

Yin says: Before I am accused of being “kurang ajar” or “biadab” or any of the usual accusations thrown at anyone who dares speak his mind; let me say this: I am neither.

60 years of being polite; ‘asking nicely’ and being patient has only led to even more bullying. Enough is enough. Even a worm will turn.

So let me put it plainly what should have been said long ago “I am a Malaysian – not a Non-Bumiputra Malaysian. I am just a Malaysian plain and simple; who should have all the rights and responsibilities of a citizen but does not.

I am not better or worse than any other Malaysian but equal and I want to be treated equally.”

But like it or not it’s not up to me whether I have “full membership. So I ask; what is it you want from the non-Malays?

1. An intolerable situation

Do you want us out of this country so that it becomes totally Malay or Muslim? Already many have left because you made it intolerable for them.

And now you continue to make it hard for those of us who remain. Our foreign spouse cannot get citizenship – even permanent residency is hard. But a Muslim from Indonesia or Bangladesh gets it overnight and they are accorded privileged Bumi status. So you would rather have an Indonesian or a Bangladeshi to one of us who have been here generations?

2. Control of the nation

Already Malays control parliament and the State Assemblies. So you decide the fate of the country; what more is there?

You decide the education policy; you control the police and armed forces.

You control the major banks; insurance companies; big business; rice milling; sugar; Petronas is 90% staffed and managed by Malays.

Tokenism aside you are already the Tuan.

Apa mau lagi?

3. An Islamic State

Do you want an Islamic State with Sharia Law? Become another Saudi or Pakistan? I am sure liberal Muslims will not want that. Do you want that we worship in “secret” out of view of the public so that our houses of worship and symbols will not offend your sensitivities?


4. Speaking Bahasa

You complain that many of us cannot speak Bahasa fluently. Yet you are afraid of those who can because they can connect with  the rakyat about issues affecting them and expose the duplicity of their leaders.

Does fluency in Bahasa change anything – does it make us less second class?  Those who speak it well still do not get promoted on merit because of their skin colour.

Or get a Petronas contract or a petrol station to run.

Heads you win, tails I lose.

Isn’t Bahasa fluency just an excuse for your bigotry and racial hegemony?

5. Doing everything possible to divide us

You do everything you can to keep us apart – forms ask our religion. Our I.C. brands us as Chinese or Indian; as Christian or Hindu or Buddhist. What has this got to do with anything except to keep us apart? We want to be just called Malaysians but you won’t let us. What do you want?

This growing Malay bigotry and religious extremism will get out of control if the Malay leaders continue to exploit it for their own political ends.

Already one sees videos going viral on the net of racial ganging up and beating of someone not of their race who is involved in a road accident. Mob rule is growing because the authorities keep one eye closed instead of nipping it in the bud.

West Malaysian Malays should learn from East Malaysia

The Malays in West Malaysia should make a pilgrimage to East Malaysia (it’s cheaper and nearer than Mecca) to see what a true Malaysian should be. See how Muslims are so accepting of other races and religion.

Alternatively, ask the older generation Malays how it was in their day. They will tell you we ate drank and laughed together in coffeeshops and in each other’s house.  We supported the same football team made up of all races ( the best players whatever his race).

Ask your grandmother how she won in sports wearing shorts and danced with her male friends at parties.  Yes she is the same sweet grandma you have today. She probably attended mission school yet has remained a Muslim – not confused by the sight of the cross. She did not wear a tudung and she prayed five times a day and fasted without anyone forcing her. Her religion comes from deep down – not forced. And she did not do it ostentatiously to show the world her piety unlike the ‘holier thou’ gang of today.

Enough is enough. Stop bashing us. Accept us as equal partners. This country is as much mine as it is yours.

Civil Society has to speak out because the politicians won’t.

Unless my Bahasa is so bad; surely our national anthem says it all –  “Negara ku” – My Country!

(The views expressed are those of the contributor)


By Yin, 

Letters from Ward 5, Tanjong Rambutan


Rebuilding Malaysia

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