Our Malaysia Day Wish is to have politicians with integrity.

Is this what the “Prime-Minister-In-Waiting” eats?

Happy Malaysia Day, where we celebrate the hope, vision of Malaysians and prosperity, tolerance and unity among all people.

We are now in the New Malaysia era, and we demand that politicians act with integrity.

We do not want a recurrence of Umno-Baru’s bad habits, where votes are manipulated for political and personal gain .

The people in semenanjung had to suffer 61 years of Umno-Baru and those in Sabah dan Sarawak, suffered for 55 years.

The recent 1MDB scandal and other corruption cases showed how many of our politicians lacked integrity.

That is why the Port Dickson fiasco is so abhorrent. 

The Port Dickson MP,  Danyal, Balagopal Abdullahresigned to allow Anwar Ibrahim to contest in a safe seat in a by-election. The seat was not vacated by a letigimate reason. The act is unethical and underhand.

This is the perfect food for prime-ministers-in-waiting – the PieMinister

No one is denying Anwar his right to become prime minister. In fact, every Malaysian who meets the criteria, has an equal right to be PM.

We are suffering election fatigue. The country needs to sort itself out and gain stability. We cannot waste more time and money to be distracted bt Anwar’s ego and vanity.

If he needs to contest in a safe seat, he must doubt his own popularity and electability.

We need politicians with integrity, for proper governance and administration of the nation. We need leaders who have a strong code of ethics.

Politicians who lack integrity in one area, probably lack integiry in all areas.

On 9 May, the rakyat saw how easy it is to vote for change. Politicians with no integrity will earn the wrath of the rakyat.

Selamat Hari Malaysia

Rebuilding Malaysia

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  • Smiley Khalid says:

    Politicians with intergrity ?? Its hard to fine politician with intergrity, maybe ( I Said maybe) the Canadian PM is. Otherwise the rest of the World leaders I dought they even know what intergrity is. History has shown that most of the World politicians are or were only interested to protect their partys idealogy.

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